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Great game!

posted by YaDigzz (COOPER CITY, FL) Feb 8, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Real tight yo. Rent dis sheeeeeeit ryte now!

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Surprisingly Refreshing

posted by pearacidic (GIBSONTON, FL) Nov 14, 2012

Member since Nov 2011

2 out of 6 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

From the second you begin your first quest, you are hooked. This game is like Monster Hunter, but more streamlined, and has way better controls (love the usage of the right-stick for camera!). Using potions from a quick touch on the screen is also way more convenient.

Enemies are difficult in packs and Bosses are fairly challenging. The game really surprised me with over 30 hours of gameplay on top of all the fun of this "offline MMO-style" RPG. I don't understand the lower review scores here, but this game is one to own if you are a fan of MMO's or RPG's in general.

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Very Good

Good game

posted by xrgamer (INDIO, CA) Jan 2, 2013

Member since May 2012

Ragnarok oddyssey is a rather intresting game; so lets start with the bad. no depth of customization although the plus from that is that armour is more for an asthetic look. you would expect that a game that was developed from an mmropg would have a sorta phantasy star feeling and it does but not to the same extent. the inventory system can be pretty clunky and a hassle at times it doesnt smothly tranfer tfrom item detail and unfortunately the occasional load screen can be annoying. the games camera can be a little clunky at times
now for the uknown, ;reason being i dont know if its good or bad. the game has little story and is like monster hunter quest except it sota of a miracle for you to complete with out going broke on potions while playing on single. your leveling up is not exp based but more in how much ch. you complete. not a huge variety in classes or advance classes. the looting sytem is decent.
now for the good the game has a vibrant online community those that have played any psp monster hunter game or lord of arcania you will meet the familliar pub where you make your own lobby and play with others. the multiplayer is fantastic and a great compliment to the game if your having trouble or just to lazy to complete the mission head on to the pub. you can restict the level of what you want to join or are looking for to join you. no online pass needed. great graphics the enviorment is stunning to say the least control are pretty smooth. the cards that you gain from enemies are an inreting features they can either give you decent abilities or reduce one while boosting another. weapons do come in a variety and are class based. by varriety imean that the same sword by name may have different attributes or strenght level.
my final take on this game is that it was a fun experience th egrinding did become bothersome but the great multiplayer made me want to keep on playing. I personaly would list this game as a rent but it coulve been a keep.

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