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A good game with minor DS conversion issues ...

posted by StratMan (MIAMI, FL) Feb 22, 2010

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I like the quick combat and rapid skill and level enhancement. I really enjoy how killing an enemy and obtaining objects and equipment is automatic. I also enjoy the quick tone notifying you when a skill or level up is available. The in game menu system and navigation are done well. Now for my small negatives which add up:

- UI is designed for a right handed person. Since ALL game play is using the touch screen I couldn't move with the D pad since I needed the pen in my left to fight and access the scrollbar. And having the scrollbar at the top right forces me as a lefty to reach across the screen during the action to activate a skill then swipe or draw a circle to use the skill. Which is too slow during combat. WHY couldn't they assign hot keys to a skill OR move the menu bar to left?

- Dialog is very slow and lengthy and you can only touch the screen to advance the story. Sounds stupid but a simple A or B key would be nice.

- TOO MANY "..." dialogues. This may sound stupid but almost every conversation has that annoying "..." followed with a camera move that amounts to nothing. Add that with LONG dialogue you find yourself painfully waiting for the next menu access to just SAVE a completed mission. For the love of God, I just need to save my last 30 minutes so I can use the bathroom with both hands...

- Need an initial hour to get to your Job selection. First 30 minutes fighting the bland dialogue, then another 30 minutes aimlessly roaming a maze of trees and shrubbery until you locate a map.

- Levels without maps are tedious.

All of this sounds like I am bashing the game but actually I am not. I already have 5+ hours invested and like the game enough to keep going, with a possible purchase. What I don't understand is the above items make the game tedious and most could have been addressed before release. Give the game a good 2-3 hours before judging harshly but Ragnorak has plenty of weapons, skills and jobs to have fun and with great replay value.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Surprisingly, I like it!

posted by GmrGirl (LYNNWOOD, WA) Mar 11, 2010

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5 out of 5 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

First let me get to some of the things I liked

- Character Creation -
-- I'm a hard core RPGer. The ability to assign stats to my character was an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT. The ability to determine how my character advances in skills also made my day

- Tutorial -
-- The game does a good job of getting you into the game and trying not to break the feel of the game. Every time the game sends you through a tutorial (how to attack/heal/assign quickslots/ etc) it does it by explaining and then demonstrating. The bonus is, the explanation is done by one character explaining it to another. I liked this touch. Kitschy to be sure, but it made me smile

- Controls -
-- Pros and cons on this one. I both liked and disliked that everything was done by the stylus. I am right handed but I would have liked the option to use the D-pad/controls. I can only imagine the misery the earlier reviewer who was left handed had to deal with.

- City Excursions -
-- I surprised myself with this one. I actually enjoyed not having to remember where everything was in the city. Two or three clicks on the menu and I was where I wanted to be without getting lost, wasting time running around or many other frustrations. I thought I'd miss things, but I didn't.

- Combat -
-- For the most part you can choose who/what/when to fight. this was good.

-- Party members can be controlled or left on auto-pilot

Now for the not so good:

--Having to find the maps for everything was FRUSTRATING. I was about to go back to old school graphing paper just to recall where I was!

-- You only get vague directions on where you need to go next on some quests. "The ruins are south of here" Really? When I have to go west and there is no chance to go south for at least three screens.... am I on the right track? Once I got the maps, things went smoother, but until then, it hurt

Overall I really like the game and have decided to keep it. It appeals to my Pen and Paper days.

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Just play the real game

posted by Romnia (RIO VISTA, CA) Feb 28, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

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This is just a failed experiment from the looks of me, Xseed could have pulled this off in the right way but many things dragged this game down. I'll just get to the point.

-Too much dialog, at first I thought this was a animated comic.

-Terrible, and generic story; it is just a waste

-Multiplayer takes a long time to get to, and it has fairly low amounts of communication between players.

-You can't explore cities, really it is just a new layer behind the menu of shops that you can buy stuff from, save.

-Quests are boring and repetitive. Some things you have to do are absolutely useless, even the main character admits it.

-Menus are ugly, and are a pain to sway through.

-Boring combat, everything is too easy

-Seriously sorry to bring this up again, but the story is terrible. Here is a run through. Main character's mom dies because of the Dad's carelessness; so he becomes an adventurer, he meets a random chick in the water with memory loss, she cones along. That is the beginning and this takes about 20 minutes of dialog to explain this.

Well overall this was not the best move Xseed has made in it's fast movement in the gaming world.

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