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Good fun but....

posted by RastaKnight (MINNEAPOLIS, MN) Jul 5, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

I had a lot of fun playing the game but i felt it could have been a lot better. when i saw 3 discs i thought it was going to be an awesome time consumer but when i got through the entire game in 2 days it was heavily disappointing. Plus the multi player really wasnt that exiting. all in all still a good game dont get me wrong it was worth the time i just wish that time was longer

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Starts At The Top And Snowball From There

posted by RPG_FPS_GOD (TOPEKA, KS) Jan 6, 2012

Member since Mar 2011

4 out of 5 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves and IDs men should be placed in front of a firing squad (WHO MAKES A GAME THAT DOESNT AUTOSAVE ANYMORE!!)

people keep saying this game is like mixing borderlands, fallout, and other games but all i see, if anything, is a mix of EVERYTHING in borderlands and an enemy design similar to bulletstorm - thats all. as a longtime fan and self proclaimed expert on fallout 1-NV i can say without a doubt that this game has NO fallout elements just a few terms here & there even the traversable areas are built to resemble borderlands

it opens up well - pretty to look at and it kinda makes you wonder whats gunna happen.... but that all goes down hill very fast. when you take over the character you walk out side and almost instantly attacked n saved then you get to drive and that when you learn this game has the worst driving mechanics since the first Grand Turismo. then you get to shoot people which is amazingly fun at first - they jump around, hide, the works - but by the 3rd shooting mission i already had the AIs thought process figured out and the flaws stuck out like a basketball center surrounded by midgets - enemies regularly go "hide" (half the time hiding means leaving 60% of their body exposed) right where their buddy JUST DIED and no it not just one like most shooters its pretty much all of them (in the gearhead vault i got my count to 7). melees make a mad rush at you sometime jumping around, shotgunners run up and shoot, and everyone else just kinda "hides" & either looks around or blind fires but sometimes both allowing you to easily pick them off

the paths are very A to B with side & hidden paths to feign a sense of exploration & voice overs are terrible ive seen better in old kung fu movies converted to english

it just feels like an outdated game repackaged with a pretty face nothing more in this day & age of advanced technology people demand the very best and ID couldnt deliver

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Really Bad

Pretty as a Puddle of Mercury, Just as Shallow.

posted by RainDragon (MUNFORD, TN) Oct 24, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

17 out of 23 gamers (74%) found this review helpful

The low score on this title is most due to the fact that it's the first game I've ever played (out of hundreds, dozens of FPS among those) that consistently caused motion sickness.

Rage is what Borderlands would have been had it stuck with it's original art style and dumped 99% of it's guns. It's an (technically anyway) open world shooter comprised of all the tropes apocalyptic games you've come to expect. It's made by Id (and this fact is brought to your attention by in game ads, for the company that made the game... Yeah I was confused too), which delivered a similarly shallow, yet pretty for the time, shooter in Doom. And honestly if you like Doom you'll likely love rage. It's pretty, it runs smooth, the guns feel different along with the various ammo types, and it controls great. Firefights are desperate affairs, each being an edge of the seat moment. So why a 2?

For all the surface sexyness you're getting there really isn't much going on story-wise. It's an endless series of fetch quests with no over-arching narrative at all (until roughly the last three missions). You don't interact with the world at all, you more stand there and trigger monologues. You have no say in what you do, and there is absolutely no indication of character at all for who you are. Also, when the story finally does kick in, the game ends. It's like the first matrix movie ending with Morpheus telling Neo he has to take either the blue or red pill. Fin.

Pros: Pretty, satisfying gunplay... uhhh... pretty...

Cons: Story, missions, way too much racing (it felt like I spent roughly 70% of the game in a vehicle), limited amount of weapons, wobbly sick-stomach inducing camera.

If you really want an open world apocalypse game you really are far better off playing Borderlands or Fallout 3 (or New Vegas). In Borderlands you get the great loot keeping things interesting, and in Fallout you actually have a say in the narrative... and of course it's a good one.

In short: Underwhelmin

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