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GF Rating

Very Good

Love it but could have been better

posted by DULAH (COVINGTON, KY) Oct 9, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

I would describe Rage a fast paced Borderlands with better graphics but much less gameplay. I have been playing for a week now and I am already half way through the game. The story is amazing and the single player is addictive. I am a online gamer so to be immersed in the single player means a lot to me.
Graphics are up there with crysis 2
AI is extremely intellegent and spontaneous in there movements and reactions
Story is fun and immersive
Vehicle gameplay is well put together
Guns are awesome and you have the options of four different types of ammunition for each gun
Able to build secondary items is fun and easy and useful
The gore is 10/10

Coop missions are a huge let down. There are only 8 missions and they take up to 20 minutes to beat them. The story of the coop has no depth and is really no fun. In coop you only have short missions and no options to free roam together. Coop should have been designed like borderlands
Upgrades are few in this game I like games where I can rank and improve my skills
No teamdeath match. Who know's why they didn't include an online besides the vehicle matches but they really messed up on this part big time. The weapons in gameplay style would have been perfect for an online set up.

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GF Rating


Great game, I just wish it was longer

posted by Rocko092 (JACKSONVILLE, AR) Oct 8, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

Great game, my favorite part was the racing I liked being able to upgrade the cars i got in this game. I hope they make another one.

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GF Rating


Pretty good game, nice break from usual

posted by GameingKine (SACRAMENTO, CA) Oct 8, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

First off i'll say that this was a great game and i haven't really played anything like it, its very unique.

I beat the game about 5 minutes ago and im in full shock of how awesome this game is. It has a very solid story, one i haven't experienced in a way quite like it.

First off, the driving aspect, now i dont like driving games but this, this isnt a driving game. It has a twisted metal sense to it. I found driving actually a fun experience sometimes, especially killing bandits.

Next off are the Dungeon-like quests, it isn't free roam but its a new object that's really worked in this game, yeah there's a planned path but there's so much hidden to the player staying on the levels pathway. All together i had a blast doing these, even tho sometimes ull do them backwards or go through it twice it still a fun experience.

The guns in this game along with the equipment is alot of fun to play with. You cant say that uve used weapons like the ones in here before, they all have a unique look and feel, its guaranteed ull use everyone of them a few times, aswell as have more then one favorite weapon.

The enemy's in this game bring a good sense of wasteland survival. Though there are only about 6 or 7 different kinds of enemy's. its just enough to have you hating and loving killing cretin bandit races. The mutants however scare the ---- out of me and i hate them i really do especially at 3 in the morning wearing my headset hearing there screams. you don't even know how much i hate them.

Finally i gave this game a 9 because well its a great game and its something new from all the other game types recently becoming popular. only things that i would want is a better ending and some more upgrades for the weapons wouldve been great. Other then this i give the game a worth buying rating.

PS. I hate the mutants with a passion, have fun killing them :D

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