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GF Rating

Very Good

Eye candy!

posted by fitzkotlr (LAS VEGAS, NV) Apr 14, 2006

Member since May 2005

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This is one beautiful game! The characters are adorable anime-style and the backgrounds are full of lush colors and fun roundness, all of which are given a faint glow to make the scenes look very magical. Half the time I had my main character walking instead of running so I could better appreciate the views around him. I've never seen a game as charming and lovely as this one.

Battles are simple button mashing, easy to pick up and fun for novice gamers.

The dialog is hilarious. Unless you're a hardened, grumpy old man you'll find yourself amused by the facial reactions and comments these characters make. It's definitely a comedic storyline, so if you're looking for high drama go elsewhere.

This game does have a HUGE problem, however, and that is the lack of save points. For some ridiculous reason the designers thought an hour or so between save points is perfectly acceptable. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to hurl the controller at the TV after playing an hour and then getting killed and having to start all over. So be careful! If you've been playing around an hour, start avoiding fights until you find a save point, otherwise you'll be crying like I did.

But beyond that this game was a wonderful surprise. I immediately bought it so I can play it at my leisure. I highly recommend it to players looking for a visual, fairy-tale like game.

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GF Rating


Excellent RPG.

posted by Ascalon (LEWISVILLE, TX) Jul 8, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Radiata stories is an excellent RPG. The storyline is OK, but the gameplay is almost x10 better. Here's why:

At first when i rented this game, i thought it was going to be just another real time button mashing RPG, but i was completely wrong. The combos are completely customizable, you see, the longer you battle with a particular type of sword..the more moves you learn for it. In turn, these moves can be made into a combo(ex right, left, right, upper slash + spinning blade). You can command your recruits around the field, like a real leader. Also, you can use battle formations to further organize your attacks.

A few things about the gameplay really bugged me though, the formation/link system was really iffy to me, so i didn't use it alot, but that's about all of the gameplay flaws i saw(well it may not be iffy to most experienced players, but to a person who has gone through the game once, it would seem really flawed).

So let's get to the good and the bad(+ good, - bad):

+Great gameplay and battle system
+Surprisingly interesting story
+Memorable Characters
-Really iffy formation/link system
-Although the story was great, the game seemed a little too short to me, it only took me 40-50 hours to beat which is only 2-4 days.
-The world is not open enough, meaning you can't really explore much, there's just one or two paths you can go by, this game surely doesn't have the sense of adventure and exploration that Dragon quest VIII has, the world isn't that huge either.

So that's my long review, i hope you pick up this game and enjoy it, because i sure did. 9/10.

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GF Rating


a really great game

posted by OneEyedJim (STONINGTON, CT) Feb 11, 2007

Member since Dec 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

this game was one of the best rpg games i have ever played. there are little to none parts that you dont want to play. and the game traps you in a whole different world which you dont want to leave. the battle system that was put in is really great and is different from the regular hit and wait insted you are running around and beating enemies with many different moves. the link system takes some time to get used to[the link system is when the party forms into a different formation for different effects] i highly suggest you play this game

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