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Easy money

Once in the bedroom and you have control of your character, you can kick the left desk to obtain ten coins. You can also kick the two beds to obtain additional items. Afterwards, leave the room, and kick the guard outside. You will receive one coin. You can do this for an unlimited amount of times. If you have a controller with an auto-fire feature, you can set it overnight to accumulate money easily.

Tamaki Nami sings theme song

Witness Tamaki Nami's transformation and immediately speak with her in the Night and Desire Street at 6:00 p.m. She will join you. Do not have her in your party, then visit the Red Lotus Bar at night. Tamaki Nami will sing the game's opening theme song.

Star Ocean series reference

When you are able to join the Fighter's Guild and you get Jack's Room in Radiata Town, notice a pair of red boots. They resemble the "Santa Boots" from the Star Ocean series. Notice Gantz's appearance during events that feature him throughout the game. His outfit will begin to resemble that of Claude from Star Ocean 2 during the intermission sequences. When you are able to roam around the castle again after Ridley has joined the fairy creatures, go to her room. There will be a ghost on her bed. If you go to the ghost, you will wake up in your bed back under the bridge wearing Claude's uniform from Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time. It gives you HP regeneration. Beat the game at least once.

Recruiting characters

Castle dwellers Charlie: Talk to Charlie after being promoted to commander by Dynas. Nina: Talk to her while she is in the castle training facility and fight her. If you defeat her once, return on a different day and defeat her again. Leonard: After the war at Radiata's entrance, talk to Leonard with Natalie in your party. Patrick: Talk to him when he is drinking. He will ask you to keep his secret. Putt: Talk to him when he is sleeping. He will ask you to keep his secret. Theater Vancoor members Elwen: Recruit all of Theater Vancoor then talk to her. Gerald: Meet Nocturne in his vampire and respond with "Yes" to his question. Follow the sequence of events then fight Gerald. Cesear: Talk to Cesaer when he is praying for his fallen comrades with both Aldo and Gareth in your party. Alicia: Talk to Elwen when she is in the altar in The Path of the Spider. Alicia will come by some time afterwards. Talk to her and fight her. Dennis: Talk to Dennis when he is outside Lupus Gate. He will mention needing a great flower for Alicia. Go to the Elf Region and collect the "Evening Bloom." Give it to Dennis and he will join your party. Gareth: When he is training, talk to him (after you become a sergeant). He will challenge you. Defeat him to recruit him. Gregory: When he is drinking in the diner, talk to him. He will ask you to pick up some Dwarven liquor for Gerald. Go to Earth Valley and talk to the bartender, not the liquor store salesman. Return it to him. Walter: After Dynas gets you back into the knights, talk to him. He will ask you to visit his wife in the dungeon. When you are done, talk to Walter again. Jarvis: Pay his bar tab for him and talk to him again. Aldo: Get the Book of Fairies from Garcia's house and give it to Aldo. Gordon: Talk to him. He tells you he will join if you defdat him. Star E. Stern: Complete "Please Stop Lord Star." Talk to him afterwards. Bruce: Talk to him when you have half of your HP or less. REMEMBER: Talk to Dr. Morfinn an