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Radiant Historia is a Fantastic RPG

posted by jak1998 (AURORA, CO) Sep 14, 2014

Member since Jul 2011

Radiant Historia is a fantastically executed turn-based RPG with several very good concepts. Historia is a location between time that only Stocke, the main character, has access to. When in Historia you are able to move through time to various nodes that you have been involved in. One of these nodes will cause the timeline you have access to to split. This split is necessary as actions in one timeline affect the other. Let's break down the concepts that this game brings to the table that I love.

Combat- The combat system works around 2 things, a turn order that you can switch around letting you change one turn with an enemies or an allies to create attack chains. These chains are important because enemies appear on a 3x3 grid that you can move the enemies around on using certain skills. By moving an enemy onto another when either of those enemies are attacked both are. This can be done with several enemies at once, allowing you to get the most of a powerful attack.

Sidequests and the timelines- You know those games where your choices affect what happens throughout the story? This sorta has that only the choices will either continue the plot or will lead you off to a bad ending. These bad endings are interesting to watch unfold, and happen immediately. There are several good endings that can happen each requiring certain side quests to be completed. There are a load of sidequests that can allow special skills to be unlocked or for you to get good items or just a sum of money. The plot is amazing and I recommend this game a ton.

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A Decent Time Traveling JRPG Game

posted by CrazyGamer2186 (LUCERNE VALLEY, CA) Aug 3, 2014

Member since Nov 2013

Radiant Historia is basically Atlus's version of Chrono Trigger, another game with time traveling mechanics. That is the first thing anyone with video game knowledge will notice once you put Radiant Historia into your DS, DS Lite,DSi/XL or 3DS/2DS/3DS XL systems. Secondly the time traveling mechanics is not as broaden out as other games are. Other than that it is a decent JRPG game on Nintendo's system of handheld goodness.

Story is basically the world is in ruin from a threat called Desertification, that is turning the world into desert and sand. Secondly the neighboring kingdom is trying to butt heads with the kingdom of Alistel (Idk if I am spelling it right but oh well), the setting of the game. You play as Stocke, a special intelligence officer and former soldier that is working in secret agency. One day your mission goes bad and you get in touch with a book, the White Chronicle. The book imbues Stocke with powers to change the course of his and his friends/team history by going back in time to change the course of events. Eventually the smaller choices goes into big choices such as saving the world from itself. Story is very decent and engaging with the way characters are and even the choices the game presents to the player, which is great for a handheld game. The only minor thing is that some parents might not want to let their kids play this game, even with the E10 rating because game does have mild cussing, suggestive themes (characters mainly) and alcohol consumption that the NPCs & chars partake in or mentions.

Gameplay is a simple strategy grid turn-based combat system but is not as detailed or fleshed out as other games like Fire Emblem is. The game starts easy but does get hard once more of the battle system gets fleshed out and needs to be used. The game world is very open and able to explore in 2.5D and semi 3D like graphics with 2D spirtes. A Grip, uses a Final Fantasy save system for saving/changing history. to. Game sound good. Overall 7/7

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i didn't like partial of this game, too confusing

posted by peterce1111 (EAST LONGMEADOW, MA) May 17, 2013

Member since Apr 2012

this game is an alrite one.

its all about making decisions and watever u decide is bad or good, personally i found it annoying and confusing.

the combat and storyline r the only two things that r good about this game.

a good rent but but was just too confusing.

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