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Easy maximum upgrades

If you are in the middle of a circuit, exit the circuit and start from the Alpha circuit. Make sure that you have tires that suit the first track. In the game, grab as many money symbols as possible. Also, make sure to finish in first place. After you complete the track, begin the next track, but do not race. Exit the game, and start back from the Alpha circuit again. Keep doing this until you have maximum upgrades. This can be time consuming, but is well worth the time.

Avoiding mines

Unless you cannot avoid it or see it in time, do not run over anything that looks like a nail. It is a mine, and you will get blown up.

Getting good starts

If you do not get first or second place when you start the race, end immediately and try again.

Recovering from spin outs

If you spin out, do not attempt to stop. You will go in the direction you intended to travel almost all of the time.

Better cars

To make sure that your car runs well, you must enter a race. If you find that your car accelerates too slowly, you can then get the turbo upgrade. If you find that your car does not go fast enough, get the engine. Basically, you need to enter the race to see what upgrades you need.


It is usually a good idea to use powersliding in the event that you hit a sharp 180 or more turn. It is not a good idea to use it when you are in a shallow 180 turn.


Although the Iron Bull was supposed to be "nearly impossible to spin out", it seems that he can indeed easily spin out.

Misleading maps

Sometimes, the map of the track will be misleading. The direction arrow will point in the opposite direction.

Finding shortcuts

There are two ways to find shortcuts. The first is to use the track in practice mode. The other less obvious way is to follow a car and observe where it goes.


Although some tracks have more than one road type, maps will sometimes show only one. For example, if you see a track that says there is pavement and dirt tracks, sometimes the map will only show the pavement. In this case, do not use the dirt tires. The shortcuts will most likely be dirt.


It is sometimes a good idea to slow down before you enter a curve, especially in a 180 turn.


It is usually a good idea to keep the engine upgrade and turbo upgrade equal. For example, if you have two upgrades of the engine, you may want to have two turbo upgrades as well.


After finishing the Alpha Circuit, it is always a good idea to upgrade your armor. The more armor you have, the less chances that your car will get severely damaged when you run over a mine, fall into the water, or do something else.


It is always best to test out a shortcut in practice mode if you just found it. The last thing you want to happen is to get hit by a train in Vineyards or fall off a bridge in Area 99.

Try before you race

You should always use practice mode before you race on any new track. Try all different weather conditions, as you never know what is going to come up.


Do not buy weapons. They are a waste of money, and are not worth buying.

More money

Before you start getting money for your upgrades, you may want to complete the Alpha Circuit. After winning it, the money symbols are worth more money. If you notice people taking money symbols and are in front of them, slow down. If you are in any other position, ram into them. REMEMBER: This only works for the Fat Cat.

Alpha Circuit Shortcuts

Autobahn: After crossing the long bridge, make a slight left turn. When you hit the other road, you have successfully passed the shortcut. Gob Dam: After crossing the first dirt path, you will make a few turns. After making a 180 degree right turn and a 90 degree left turn, you will go straight onto the dirt path. Gasex: Make sure you get plenty of practice before you try this. When you approach the bridge to cross the river, make a sharp right turn onto the dirt path. You must be careful, as the wrong move can send you into the water. Kahuna: When you start the race, go straight off the road. Keep going along the beach and drive under the bridge. Get on the road. Vineyards: For the first shortcut, when you start the race, cross the intersection and turn left. Hop over the train. For the second shortcut, after you get off the dirt path, turn right, and turn left, still on the track. Make the right land left curve. Then, make the next right curve as a 90 degree turn, and not as a 180 degree turn. Go through the trees.

Gamma Circuit Shortcuts

Montana: There are no shortcuts for this race.

Gamma Circuit Shortcuts

Loggers: When you see the pavement while on the dirt path, cross the trees to the left of the sign.

Gamma Circuit Shortcuts

Lakeview: For the first shortcut, after the first 90 degree right turn, go straight off the road into the grass. For the second shortcut, after you have gone under the bridge and made the left 90 degree turn, start the right 180 degree turn, but do not make a full 180 degree turn. Go off the left side of the road after a 90 degree turn and jump.

Gamma Circuit Shortcuts

Cactrun: There are no shortcuts for this race.

Gamma Circuit Shortcuts

Area 99: For the first shortcut, when you cross the second bridge and make five 90 degree turns, go straight. For the second shortcut, after crossing the large factory-like area, follow the road until you are going northeast. When the turn comes up, go straight and cross the bridge.

Delta Circuit Shortcuts

The Point: There are no shortcuts for this race.

Delta Circuit Shortcuts

Monastery: After going southeast past the monastery, turn right when you see a gravel path.

Delta Circuit Shortcuts

Resort: When you drive northeast at the top of the map, take a left turn instead of a right.

Delta Circuit Shortcuts

Swamps: For the first shortcut, after the grass path, you have made two 90 degree turns. After the second one, there is a grass path on the right. Turn there, then turn left. Jump. After you land, go straight and make a slight right. Jump again. For the second shortcut, after crossing the long bridge, you will make a 90 degree turn. After the turn, immediately turn right off the cliff. Make sure you do this very slowly or you will pass it; so you can go in the southwest direction.

Delta Circuit Shortcuts

Bridges: After crossing the long bridge at the bottom of the map, turn left on the road. That is the faster trail.

Epsilon Circuit Shortcuts

Icewalk: For the first shortcut, when you start the race, go on the right side of the road. Before encountering the 90 degree turn, make a 45 degree turn to the right onto the hill and jump. For the second shortcut, after making four 90 degree turns at the top, go straight. Then, make a 90 degree turn and jump. For a safer getaway, it is recommended that you make this jump between 65 mph to 140 mph. If you go faster, you will hit the trees and must back up. But if you go slower, you will fall into the trees and must have the helicopter get you.

Epsilon Circuit Shortcuts

Oilspill: For the first shortcut, after passing the series of strange turns, you will go to a straightway. Before the curve, turn right under the stones. Cross the street, and go up the dirt path. Jump. Do not drive slower than 110 mph or you will not make it. For the second shortcut, if you did not make the jump, there is another shortcut. On the left side of the road will be a stone bridge. Go under it. For the third shortcut, if you did make the jump or did not make the other shortcut, you can make a turn (if you jumped) or go straight after the left 90 degree turn (if you did not jump). For the fourth shortcut, there is a giant pillar at a corner of the road. Go to the left of it to avoid the oil. For the fifth shortcut, there is another giant pillar at another corner. Go to the right of it to avoid the oil.

Epsilon Circuit Shortcuts

Twins: For the first shortcut, when you start the race, make two 90 degree turns and jump. For the second shortcut, after going under the bridge, turn left. Go to the end of the road, and turn left. You will end up in the field. Make a slight right, as you will hit something if you do not . Then, turn left onto the track.

Epsilon Circuit Shortcuts

Shipyard: There are no shortcuts for this race.

Epsilon Circuit Shortcuts

Ravine: There are no shortcuts for this race.