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Very Good

2.5D Action Platformer fix for launch window

posted by VoIPTeK (LITTLETON, CO) Apr 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

4 out of 4 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

If you like action platformers such as New Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong Country returns on the Wii, this game may be your "fix" until those Nintendo brand games come out for 3DS. The gameplay on this is pretty much identical to SMB and DK Wii games though not as challenging (so far). I've made it through approx 20 levels so far and they are a lot of fun. The first 11 levels are a little too easy but they do get a little harder as you go. The "3D" effect in this game is more cosmetic than a "wow" factor. There really isn't much difference between 2D and 3D gameplay but if you like 3D, 3D is obviously still the way to go. You can still see depth of the scrolling background but since it is a platformer, you don't really notice it as much. I personally like the touch, just not a showcase game you'd want to show people to "wow" them with 3D effects. The only "problems" I've had so far with the controls is when using the circle pad, if you're pressing to the right and slightly downward, you'll do a slam in mid-air as if you were to press down only which caused me to slam myself down some pits or into fire coals when I didn't mean to. Other than that, the game plays great and is a fun platformer. Aside for the "ease" of standard play, after you complete a level you are given two new modes to play the level (which I haven't tried yet) that has a set of requirements to make the level more challenging. In summary, if you want a classic gameplay platformer, this is a great launch-window title to get you going until the big N releases their mascot titles.

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Short, but great game!

posted by Sonic211 (CONROE, TX) Jun 29, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

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RTiT3D is an awesome game. I'm a huge fan of platformers, and this one is definitely in my Top 10 if not Top 5. First of all, DO NOT discriminate this game JUST because it's short.
It's difficulty is very easy at the beginning, but get's much harder as the game goes on. The Final Level is the hardest level in the game (as it should be).
As for the rest, the 3D graphics are amazing and totally noticeable! There are 4 worlds with 15+ levels each:

Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece and Rome
The Middle Ages

I guess that's not short, but I blew threw this game for the most part. If you think that RTiT3D is a short game, there's also:

The Fitting Room: Try clothes on your Rabbid and fill your heart's content.
Figurines: As you accumulate mor points through the game, you'll unlock figurines, which show Rabbids playing and goofing off in different places.
Pictures: After you complete a level, you can replay it at anytime in Time Trial Mode or Mission Mode. In TTM, beat the clock to recieve trophies. To unlock pictures, you have to win gold trophies (it's not that hard). You must have 4 gold trophies to unlock 1 picture.

Well, that pretty much sums it up, I gave RTiT3D a 9.

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Mediocrity in glorious 3d

posted by HLarge4 (WOONSOCKET, RI) Apr 29, 2011

Member since May 2010

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I like the Rabbids. The original Rabbids game on the Wii was filled with charm, humour and a passable mini-collection. Sure alot of the mini-games were just altered vesions of the same idea, but I laughed while executing them, thanks to the energetic cast of bunny-lings tripping, screaming, singing and exploding in their own special way.
Rabbids Travel in Time 3D is just as passable as its heritage, but purely devoid of charm and originality. If i had to make an analogy, its like drinking a glass of your favorite soda gone flat. Its still Dr.Pepper, but where's the fizz? Answer, not in this glass.
Foregoing the usual mini-game formula, RTiT 3D makes a stab at platforming. And this is classic platforming. You run right, leap gaps, collect coins and avoid obstacles. Everything functions as promised. You won't swear at the controls or blame the game design for any foul-ups, and thats a good thing, because its the only leg this game is standing on.
The concept involvs our Rabbid friends performing their usual grace upon a generic museum exibit when a washing machine or dryer appears unnanounced from the air. Being the curious rodents they are, our Rabbid friends fight thier way inside the bottom loader. When your screaming nutball climbs in the door shuts and your spirited off into pre-history for said platforming.
And here lies the biggest complaint. Through all four historical periods, you never feel as though your playing in the time periods. There are shaky floating platforms in each timeline, the same killer green smog, the same pendulum spike, same enemies (raabbids dressed up). And you never feel like your behind the wheel of one of the titular rabbids. No screaming, no antics, no fun
It is painfully boring. A test of humility to see the credits role. And while I finished the game, I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone.

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