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Rabbids: Alive & Kicking


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Welcome to HQ

Launch the game for the first time.

First Party

Start a game mode for several players.

Big party

Start a game mode for 16 players.

Minor squaddie

Get 1 star in a game.

Sergeant Major

Get 3 stars in a game.

Colonel Major

Get 1 star in all games.


In My Raving Rabbid, don't hit the Rabbid for 2 minutes.


In My Raving Rabbid, take a photo of the Rabbid that crashes into your screen.

You should take a break

Chalk up 100 failures in the cartoon games.

Break the piggy bank

Buy something in My Raving Rabbid.


Buy everything in My Raving Rabbid.


In My Raving Rabbid, take a photo while doing a pose.


In My Raving Rabbid, stay out of the sensor's line of sight for 30 seconds.


In My Raving Rabbid, find 7 different ways to interact with the Rabbid without using an object.

No mean feet!

In Rabbids-in-the-Hole, play using your feet.

Rock Star

Finish Guitar Zero with 35 correctly played notes in a row.

Super Suppository

In Inner Journey, maintain maximum speed for 20 seconds.

They help you see in the dark

In Carrot Juice, drink 10 glasses in infinite mode.


In The Kitty game mode, bank the highest possible amount.


In Forfeits!, get 100% negative opinions for a forfeit.


Saw through 90 blocks in Hacked Off!


In the Sauce Wars game, mop up the floor with your hands.

Showbiz star

Let all the spotlights hit you in Now You See Me…


Get 100 moves right in Udder Nonsense.

Hop you can do it

Play an entire game of Tenderfoot Dance on just one foot.

Super sushi

Jump 120 times in Salmon Rush Day.

Six machine

In the Big Brother game, play as a team of 6 players.

Snotput slinger

During Snot Funny, steal the snot from the other player.

Talk to the hand

In the Whack a Rabbid game, smash a Rabbid with your hand.

Flaming friends

In the Flaming balls of fire game, earn 180 points during a rally against another player.


Successfully make 90 shapes in Silhou-wet.

Slashed prices

In the Crazy Sales game, fire at all the special offer signs on the sides.


Do 100 headbutts in Rabbzilla.


In Hot Dogs in Danger, let all the Rabbids through without leaving the play space.

Udder slapper

In the Slapping Station game, slap 4 cows during a game.


Make the Rabbids dance in Life's a Beach.

Thank you, friend!

In the Rabbid-o-matic game, get the Rabbid to the end without it falling into a trap.

Pump 'n' Pose

Do 200 successful poses in Pumped Up.


Play for 2 hours, 3 minutes and 59 seconds in one session.

Round the clock

Clock up 24 hours of total play time.

Still at it?

Play 6 months after your first game.


The name says it all.

Social netnerd

Upload a photo to the Rabbids site.

You're completely Uplay

Launch Uplay and sign up.


Get 3 stars in all games.

King of TP

Accumulate 20,000 TP DollarZ in your kitty.

TP Emperor

Accumulate 50,000 TP DollarZ for your kitty.

1 Kilo-rab-Bit

Hit, flatten or make 1,024 Rabbids explode in the various games.

5 Kilo-rab-Bits

Hit, flatten or make 5,120 Rabbids explode in the various games.

10 Kilo-rab-Bits

Hit, flatten or make 10,240 Rabbids explode in the various games.