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Pretty good console strategy game.

posted by DispersedMammal (HEALDSBURG, CA) Jun 17, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

This game is one the better strategy games out there. RUSE can be highly addictive and entertaining when you have learned the various ruse cards, units and fortification and their many abilities on the battlefield. Although this game can be entertaining, it can be difficult when you are trying to juggle multiple units in a coherent manner. Micro-management is complicated part of the game, which you will be doing more than you would like, but an important part of maintaining strategic dominance on the field. As an example you would like to take a town which has enemy infantry in it, you can't just send heavier and better armed units into it, because towns and wooded areas can be defended by a smaller force of infantry that is half the size of heavily mechanized assaulting force. So to over come this problem you must either be ready to use an exorbitant amount of resources to take it, or just send an aerial reconnaissance to paint out targets for artillery or bombers. Besides micro-management on a sometime ridiculous level, it can very satisfying to see a well planed strategy come together.

RUSE can very enjoyable when mastered, but also can become a headache when you need micro-manage just to afloat. It isn't for all so if you what to get into strategy games I don't think this is place to start, because of its complexity. That's why I give it 7 out 10.

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posted by hogol55676 (ROUND ROCK, TX) Mar 28, 2014

Member since Nov 2005

I though this game was going to be an "on a budget and all we care about is money" type of game but truly, this game is amazing. I expected the graphics to be a little on the bad side but when I payed the first mission I was amazed! the detail in the map is great! You can see forests, hills, towns, and valleys! It is a simple, easy game to learn and has a good amount of difficulty. Its enough to make you scratch your head but not so much that you throw the controller at the television. Voice acting is a not so great but you can get over it. I really like how you follow the story of you, a commander, as you progress through promotions and internal conflicts with other colonials, commanders, etc.
Overall a great game with a decent challange!

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Good

posted by beato21 (WEST DEPTFORD, NJ) Jul 29, 2013

Member since May 2013

This is by far my favorite RTS game on xbox. The graphics are good and everything runs so smoothly. The story is okay, but not as good as that in Halo Wars. The Skirmishes are fun with many modes and time periods. The only con I have is the Skirmish time limit. I would rather have a long drawn out siege rather than a timed base rush, but the time limit does keep the action high.

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