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Very Good

dont be decieved by the ignorant, this is unique

posted by beeronasti (ODESSA, TX) Sep 9, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

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Strangely enticing this tabletop stratego type game really starts to get interesting as you become immersed in a wide scale war scenario walking through the footsteps of a commander for US in WW2. Command infantry, tank division, anti tank division, and aircrafts as well as a myriad of other random units such as flame tanks artillery and really every manner of war making machine that participated in ww2.

Now for those who dont have patience for a long drawn out strategical experience avert thine eyes now, for this game will steal your day when ur not looking. in real time you must acquire resources by securing depots and then defending the supply trains that travel along routes to your hq. you must also be able to anticipate enemy strikes and prepare the proper forces to counter them while taking minimal loss. this game truly makes the entire affair seem more like a chess match than a battle, with required strategy and long forethought before actions can possibly be taken. first scouting must be accomplished, as well as taking out of stategic defenses and its ilk. it really makes you feel as though your struggling against the entire might of the german army.

graphic wise honestly leaves a bit to be desired, ofc it all makes sense when you see the absolutely ridiculous size of the maps. cut scenes are decent graphically although the story definitely feels weak and uninteresting.

now ill be honest ive been playing sc2 every day since it came out but this game makes me take a few hours of sc2 and instead play this. It provides a surprisingly refreshing opportunity to see a game like chess or stratego and experience what it would be like scaled up and taken to its logical terminus.

so take note, all who enjoy planning out a detailed and realistic attack this is no flashy RTS, but rather a hardcore in depth playable battle where realism guides the outcomes and without logic and foresight dictating your actions, you are doomed to failure

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GF Rating


A Great Game

posted by Ruze84 (MALVERN, AR) Oct 20, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

16 out of 18 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

If you've played RTS games before, you know without a doubt that console games will never compare with what we have on PC. It's a simple matter of controls, or the lack thereof.

I've only played two RTS games on the the XBox 360 that I've thought were worth the money: Tom Clancy's EndWar, and R.U.S.E.

EndWar had some new and interesting ideas, but still was very limited in the maps and abilities. R.U.S.E. was a step in the right direction. The map interface was great, from long range planning to in-the-mix control; and to top it off, moving in-and-out of these viewpoints was simple and easy (something I couldn't say for EndWar).

R.U.S.E.'s are simple and comprehensive, about fooling and confusing your enemy into moving and attacking where you want them. The whole game offers you more levels of control than most designers ever even consider.

However, the game isn't perfect. There's no way to categorize units, and selecting specific one's in battle takes finesse. There is little-to-no fog of war, which generally makes recon units minimally effective at best.

There is also a tendency to swarm or zerg, both in the online play as well as in campaign (which caught me off guard, to say the least). This is common for RTS competitive gametypes, but as most strategic players can attest, also highly annoying. I will say that it's far less effective here than in, say, Halo Wars.

All in all, I'd heard awful things about this game. Then when I played it, I was absolutely stunned. I can only hope that this will not be the last in the franchise, cause they have a great start and solid gameplay.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Entertaining... but lacking

posted by Lord_of_Dance (ALBANY, OR) Apr 27, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Ruse's has some very good quality's and idea's but sadly it's campaign doesn't do it justice... if you even made it through the campaign. There is much more to be said about it's Battle mode, which has you holding the reigns of a forward operations base, and commanding large divisions. This mode is strangely addicting and allows you too play as the axis and allies, and functions as the old style board game of the same name. Visually this game beautiful. It cleanly zooms out from single infantrymen to a tactical table showing the movement of whole divisions on the field. Th3e next thing Ruse has going for it is realism. If your like me your tired of games like call of duty where an artillery round hits the ground two feet in front of you and you acting like a spartan super soldier keep running along . In Ruse however, a barrage of rockets or artillery will wipe out tanks, buildings, and rout infantry and vehicles. All-in-all Ruse has a glorious skirmish mode but the meat of the game is sadly unseasoned. A game to try out if your interested in becoming an armchair general.

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