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posted by cmacmoto (ATHENS, TN) Mar 4, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

The game R.U.S.E was a very poorly made game. this game was set to be a good thinking game on how to take out your enemy. but, the game dose not go with that. well it dose but it dose not show it well. each move you make is a very confuseing move to even you. its sad how they made it

so if you are wanting to rent it and try it by all means do so but you can not say i did not worn you.

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fun game to play

posted by badkarma6464 (KENOSHA, WI) Feb 22, 2011

Member since Feb 2011

fun but some of the levels were very hard to play some times next to impossiable to beat.

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Above Average

Almost Really Good

posted by Finjamin (DENVER, CO) Dec 4, 2010

Member since Aug 2005

I'm giving RUSE a 6 because of the amazing potential it has to be a fantastic RTS, totally in its' own class, totally unique, as deep as you want to play.

Sadly, I'm sending it back today, unfinished, because I just don't have the patience for it. I played about 12 of the campaign chapters and today I just about threw my controller at the TV. Why?

RUSE looks beautiful. The intentions are great. But it plays... badly. Every ten seconds, juuuust when you figure out the control system again, RUSE interrupts you suddenly with 'But Wait! Let me show you one MORE thing!' and rips you out of the game. Then you learn that one more thing, start getting into it, and 'Wait! Here's Another new thing to learn!' UGH. Lemme play the game for thirty seconds, for Pete's sake.

Once you get used to being constantly interrupted, it's pretty good. But then the campaign ramps up ridiculously in difficulty, leaving you flailing all over the battlefield with a half-baked control system that won't let you focus on precise units. It's maddening, because I really wanted to get past all of that and love the game. Oh well.

I might mention that the interruptions during game play are not the only thing that will make you crazy. They clearly went bonkers developing the cut scenes, and they look great, but they take up wayyyy too much time.

Bleah. This game made me mad.

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