Rent R.U.S.E. for PS3
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Pretty awesome

posted by 1991Danny (ATLANTA, GA) Sep 27, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Well i dont know about all the bad feedback that these reviews are showing, but i see this game really well made, amazingly realistic and so so entertaining.
This is how war really is, you cant question a thing in this game. every action you do is actually practiced in real wars. The units and the details are amazing.
The whole point of the game is to make us use different strategies + our intelligence unlike other RTS games, this game really depend on using your brain.

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Good if you're into RTS games...

posted by MitLong (CHAMPLIN, MN) Sep 13, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

9 out of 17 gamers (53%) found this review helpful

- Units seemed very balanced. There was just enough of a "tic-tac-toe" feel to make for an interesting strategy without making every battle dependent on needing"paper" to defeat the incoming "rock".

- I had an easier time controlling the units than I thought I would. I do not own a Move controller and I feared that the game would be tough to play without one; that was not the case.

- Hiding: It's tough to tell when you're hidden in a forest and when you're right next to a forest. You want to move your guys as close to the edge of the forest as they can be in order to maximize your range, but move them one step too far and the incoming units destroy them. If your troops automaticall made an effort to engage nearby enemies while remaining hidden (patrol or guad mode perhaps), it would have made the game much more enjoyable. As it is, I spent a lot of time putzing with individual units to make sure that they were in a good position.

- Line of Sight: I like the idea of having forests and towns that you can't shoot across as the idea of cover makes things more strategic. Too often though, I thought I had a good shot from one of my long range units only to have him instead drive real close to the enemy unit in order to get a shot off because he indeed does not have line of sight to the target. Now, if the unit had some sort of good AI, he'd just take a little step to the left and commence shooting. But because they take your orders literally the unit will make a direct path to the enemy and will only fire once a shot is available. This wouldn't be too bad except that this is an RTS and during the vital moments of the game you're trying to do 4 things at once, as quickly as possible.

Long story slightly less long, I'd recommend this game for people who may be looking for a little more strategy in their RTS. If you want a collect resource, build stuff, amass army, crush enemy type of game you may just want to stick to Starcraft II.

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Above Average

Good effort

posted by Zathurs (LINCOLN, NE) Nov 27, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

1 out of 3 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I like my RTS games in general and would really like one I could play off the computer but sadly this one is falling short.

Pros: The look and feel of it. I like the zoom in & out overview and I didn't have much problems as I figured I would once I got usto selecting and moveing units. (Of note just useing standard dualshock3 control) Combat seams pretty balanced. Does help to use X unit vs Y but there is usualy a plan B if your paying attention so you don't get owned because a tiger tank rolled down the road.

Cons: Unit AI would be at the top as mentioned they're really stupid and quite offen get shot crossing the road litteraly. Units will take damage retreat heal then sit and watch there buddys they just left get beat down. Says units move faster on roads but make little to no effort to use them. Lack of advanced unit commands. No patrol, guard, waypoints, move attack, move dumb, give chase. No time scale. Sometime you just need to slow the clock down so you can give all the orders you need to or speed it up when your just sitting there with 5 credits waiting for 40. Can't group units together for easy/quick selecting.

IMO: Ruse cards need timeing tweek. You get them pretty quick and you just end up redoing the same ones most of the time rather earn them slower and have them last longer just saves me micro managment time. This game come across really intuitive to me in what they have done right I just wish they could of gone that extra mile and made it top notch. I spend to much time giveing orders twice (or more) to really enjoy anything I'm doing.

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