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RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive


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Gameplay Controls

RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive

Directional Buttons Move Hero/Control Meganite's Torso: Up = Bend Forward, Down = Tilt Upper Body, Right = Rotate Right, Left = Rotate Left
X Button Look Around (With Directional Button)
Triangle Button Fire Beam Weapon
Square Button Transform Laguiole and Gilang between Fortress Mode and Vertical Mode
Circle Button Fire Ordnance Weapon
L2 Button Step Back Left Foot
L1 Button Advance Left Foot
R2 Button Step Back Right Foot
R1 Button Advance Right Foot
Start Button Map Display
Select Button Switch Controls between Hero and Meganite
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Control Hero/Control Meganite's Left Arm
Right analog stick (R3 Button when pressed down) Control Meganite's Right Arm
L3 Button Deploy Left Arm Weapon
R3 Button Deploy Right Arm Weapon
Combo #1 L2 + R2 = Crouch/Stand Up
Combo #2 L1, R1 Alternately = Advance
Combo #3 L2, R2 Alternately = Retreat
Combo #4 L1 + R1 = Grand Charge
Combo #5 L2 + R2 (to Crouch), L1 + R1 = Jump
Combo #6 L1 + L2 = Turn Left
Combo #7 R1 + R2 = Turn Right
Combo #8 Left Analog Stick Right + Right Analog Stick Left = Block