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Alot better than what people are saying.

posted by Nineteenth (BRONX, NY) Oct 12, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

25 out of 30 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

At first, I was completely uncertain about Quantum Theory as a whole.
Not being a fan of Gears of War, I thought I was going to dislike this game from the get go. I was completely wrong.

Aside from having a stout, angry protagonist and being a cover based shooter, the similarity to Gears of War pretty much ends there. Remember people, Gears didn't invent cover based shooters, everything you like from it, they stole from Kill.Switch.

Gameplay Wise; You cannot play this like Gears. You will die and you will whine like so many of the other reviewers. The most common thing gamers do this generation is mash the buttons as soon as they flash on screen. Not in Quantum Theory.
There's only three jumps in the entire game and they actually require timing. Smart thinking and patience will see you through practically everything, but if you decide to Rambo your way through; I do hope you enjoy seeing the retry screen.

An important note!
Regenerating health is present in both games, but for GoW; There is no logical reason why there should be regenerating health. In Quantum, there's actually a story based reason why health regenerate; A reason? This generation? Amazing!

Gears just throws a bunch of enemies at you; No rhyme no reason like many other shooters this generation. Quantum, at the very least provided some justification for the enemies.

Story Wise: This is where Gears and Quantum Theory split.
The story of Gears is simple. They attacked us, we attacked them, now we're fighting to the death aka the same Us Vs Them story we've been reading/playing since the 80s.

Quantum's story follows a rarely touched theme; It's surreal, a tale of body horror and science; it's a real shame people ignored it.

All in all, the game is quite good. It isn't perfect, nothing is perfect after all. It adds some flavor to the tired formula and attempts to change things; Again, it's really too bad this game was bashed so harshly be people who didn't even bother to play it.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by jeryst (FALLS CREEK, PA) Oct 31, 2010

Member since Aug 2008

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

This game is a "Could have been". Its got great graphics, great effects, cool weapons, great enemies, etc. So why is it a tragedy? Because the game is hampered by an absolutely horrible control system. Probably the worst of any game that I have ever played. Unlike most games, where you simply push forward more on the control stick, or press down on L3, to run, this game requires you to hold down the X button to run. But the X button also has other functions to do with taking cover, jumping, etc, so the game makes you do things that you dont want to do, just by trying to run. Also, running hardly works in anything but a straight line. Instead of feeling light and quick on your feet when you need to be, you feel like some lumbering oaf running through a tar pit. Jumping is another PITA because you have to press the O key to jump, which is just kind of a somersault that you do. It's almost impossible to run and jump at the same time, which is just plain wrong. Also, if you come across ammo, you need to get in exactly the right position, wait for the prompt to come up on the screen, and then press the down button to pick it up instead of just running over it. Who the heck ever thought that was a good idea in Beta testing? That's okay if you are just strolling through a place, but it wastes precious time when in the heat of battle, or running for your life. I dont know how many times I got killed because I tried to pick up ammo, allowing the enemy to zero in on me with a devastating attack. If they fix the controls, this would be a great game, and I would gladly give it an 8, but the way it is now, its just more frustrating than fun, and I dont need that.

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GF Rating


There's no theory, This sucked

posted by ogreb0y (REDLANDS, CA) Oct 27, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

4 out of 6 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

Let me start by saying that I have never played either Gears of War. I have played other 3rd person shooters ranging from Uncharted 2, both Lost Plants, War for Cybertron and both Army of Two(s). Keeping these games in mind, Quantum is the poorest of them all.

I had hopes for a game that seemed to have a different twist on the alien invasion twist, but the games short comings overshadowed any enjoyment. There was an utter disconnect between the action on the screen and what I doing with my controller. Switching guns is painful and, with the default setting, almost impossible to do while moving. Not that it really matters, the effects that the weapons vary slightly between each one and seem work sporadically. Area weapons, grenades and missiles, seem like they need to hit directly and shotguns would rarely hit multiple targets at close range. The only true advantage one weapons might have over the others is rate of fire, giving the player no real reason to use the slower ones.

The cover system is broke. Once you get to cover, (important in a game where the bad guys NEVER MISS) you have a few options on how to get out of cover: Backing out (Down and X), Jumping cover (UP and X) Sprinting From Cover (sometimes Left/Right and X) or Walking out (See Sprinting). These rarely worked they way advertised and would always result in getting shot.

There is no jumping, just diving. You can't jump over things, you have to slide into them ( x) and then jump cover. If there was a "jump" way to accomplish this, I failed to execute it. The game has hills and elevated enemies, but it seems like its all being played on one level.

The game is fairly nice to look at but their is some bad pixelation when the enemies are up close and they tend to blend into what ever level you encounter them on.

Not owning a 360, I have no hang-ups playing clones (If a fable clone ever came out, I would be first in line) but this is a clone of a clone of a rip-off. My PS3 needs penicillin now.

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