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Quake III: Revolution


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get a special item

When you hear a sound similar to the wind while playing the game, this is a sign that one or more special items have just appeared. Special items include Quad Damage, Haste, Double Haste, Invincibility, Double Damage, Mega Health, etc.

Beat the final Boss

Use the BFG to take out the projectors. Watch out for his plasma gun. After they are destroyed, he will jump down. When he does, run to the bottom of the level and go into one of the two tunnels. One will have a chaingun and armor and the other will have the rocket launcher and health. He does not go in those. He just runs around outside gaining (and losing) health. Use the chaingun with zoom. Keep shooting until he is almost dead and transports to the platform again. Run out and go up the stairs in a circle and get the railgun. Then, go in a tunnel and snipe him. He should explode, unlocking a new level. After finishing the new level you will unlock two new characters for arena and a new level.

Pause in multi-player mode

Since the game does not have a pause option in the multi-player mode, simply press Start , highlight Quit and press X. Your game will be paused, but it will not quit unless you select Yes. To resume the game, select No.

BFG jump

This works just like the rocket jump except it sends you higher. Aim the BFG at the ground, jump, and at the highest point of the jump, shoot down. You will rocket into the air. REMEMBER:) You will get hurt slightly. If done on a spring pad, you will jump higher.