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Quake 4: The Loading

posted by GLantern4 (HOUSTON, TX) Apr 29, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

7 out of 8 gamers (88%) found this review helpful

I picked up "Quake 4" in December, because I enjoyed playing it a little at Zero Hour. I also liked how it came with "Quake 2". The graphics looked sweet as in "Doom 3" and I was exicited to see they could carry the PC version over with little change. However, as I continued to play this game, I realized that it brought nothing new to the table. At least with "Doom 3" you felt tension and even possibly jumped a few times out of your chair. What I also found out is that with little change from the PC version, this titled suffered from not getting modified to run more efficiently on the 360. Sure the graphics look sweet, but at the price of the framerate slowing down at times. The worst part of this title and the reason that I gave it such a low score is the loooooonnnng loading times. God help you if you get to a point that you keep getting killed for you will keep seeing the reloading of your last saved game take around 45 seconds, only to die 3 seconds later...rinse and repeat. Those who love achievements, becareful on this title. Unlike games like "PDZ", which rewards you with the achievements of easier difficulties if you beat it on hard, this one expects you to replay it at least 3 times to get the single player achievements for the different difficulty settings. I can't bare this game for one time through let alone 3. I would say on the plus side there is multiplayer, but you can only play up to 8 people on Live, and with more popular games out now, not as many people are playing this title. "Quake 2" seemed like a good bonus, but you also find out this game is a direct PC port and has no Live support, only splitscreen and system link. It also has achievements, but those looking for points should look elsewhere since they are worth 0pts. To sum up, although it is better than many fps out there, it is still average and not worth the $60 price tag. Just remember, the magic word on this game is...... loading.

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Quake: doom to the next gen.

posted by Haloman5 (PERRY, IA) May 12, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game sparked may attention by its Doom characteristics. When I first played it I felt like I was playing Doom, but I think there could have been a bit more use of the vehicles not just once throughout the entire game. I also don't like the fact that I got killed and didn't save it and went back to the beginning to the level. So people who haven't played this yet SAVE IT!!!

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Above Average

stop wasting your time

posted by atombomb (VANCOUVER, WA) Apr 12, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

11 out of 18 gamers (61%) found this review helpful

quake 4 isn't a bad game. its got exceptional weapons the strogg are pretty cool lookin and the AI isn't to bad either. ok so im gonna start off with the good, there were only a couple things i liked about this game and one is having the only way to heal yourself is to find a medic or an engineer for your armor. this is a really good idea that they should have in other games like call of duty 2 for example. the other good thing was how gory this game is, i can assure you that this game is not for the little ones. for example i am not going to spoil the game for you but incase you haven't heard you become a strogg (which in this game is the only way to win) it shows you going the the process which is the coolest part of the game and the goriest. my final word on this game is that it is just a cheap knock off of DOOM 3. so i am going to give this game a PASS.

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