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Terrific Sci-Fi Shooter.

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Apr 6, 2010

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I never played any other Quake games and picked this up just fine. It's like Halo and carries the space, futuristic, and alien theme. The story is pretty good but much darker and more gruesome than your average shooter, and the single player campaign will take you 10 hours to beat. It's creepy and gory like Dead Space, with lots of dark areas where you need your flashlight to see. Human experimentation in the alien ships is pretty gross, particularly with what they do to human bodies. Mature content indeed.
It's scary.

You play through levels like Halo, with a few bosses to beat. You have to navigate through semi-maze levels a lot to complete small missions in each level. You usually have a teammate with you. SOmething cool and unique is that depending on your teammates, if you have a medic he can heal you, and if you have a techie he can repair your armor to brand new. It's cool.

The game has lots of other positives though, such as the guns. There's a good selection of 10 guns to blow your enemies to pieces with. You have machine guns, rocket and grenade launchers, chain guns, dark matter guns, etc. The controls are also super easy to pick up, and I prefer them over Halo controls any day. The graphics are pretty solid.. nothing spectacular though. The campaign was entertaining, and the AI for once was actually helpful and didn't get in my way.

I did't like the absence of grenades and explosions. I could've used a sticky grenade or something. There were too many levers, doors to open, elevators to ride, etc. Just let me roam a landscape for once. Too much inside spaceship action.

Solid rent. Online play used to be good, but the game is kind of old. Still playable. Super gruesome and creepy sci-fi thriller of a shooter.

Milt Drucker- xbox gamertag

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Solid game, but nothing special

posted by Feanor (BURBANK, CA) May 9, 2006

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The single player and multiplayer aspects of this game are well thought-out and executed. Unfortunately they don't do anything new or exciting, but instead stick to the tried-and-true first-person shooter formula.

My main complaint is that there seems to be so many missed opportunities. For example, at one point your character becomes half-Strogg, but the game really doesn't do much with it.
New powers? Not really.
New weapons? Nope.
Can you drive enemy vehicles? No.
Can you blend in with enemy forces so they don't immediately attack you? No.
Do your team-mates now distrust you since you now look like the enemy? Nope, but a few NPCs throw a couple of insults your way.
Are there new missions that only you can do? Kind of.

You also have a team of squad-mates to help you. A cool idea, but yet another missed opportunity.
Can you give them orders? No.
Can you give them health, ammo, and weapons if they need it more than you? Nope.
Do they persist between missions? Not really.
Do you get a bonus for keeping them alive? Not in-game (only as a X-Box Live Achievement).
Are they actually more helpful than annoying? Almost.

My other complaint is the textures. Quake 4 does a good job of capturing the look and feel of Quake 2, but that's actually bad since Quake 2 was a very ugly game. All the textures are drab and rusty, which sounds fine on paper, but really doesn't look very impressive compared to the slick Sci-Fi look of Doom 3 (which uses the same engine as Quake 4).

Overall, this game is a good rental, the single player will keep you entertained for a while and the multiplayer is decent, just don't expect to be impressed.

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Shooting Feels Like I'm In Control

posted by CooBrain (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) Jul 30, 2006

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In my opinion I thought it was a great game. The shooting really felt like I was in control. It was by far the best shooting I experienced, but I think the cross hair could have been a little better. I think that with a few updates to fix the glitches, this game could be a Platinum Hit. The only bad part was the multiplayer people ran too fast. I would consider playing it, besides some people rated it a 3.3 for what reason, I don't know. Just give it a try, go past the demo and you will see how much fun the game really is. Trust Me!!!

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