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Concept is good; execution a major swing and miss

posted by steve470 (OIL CITY, PA) Sep 14, 2011

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In Puzzler Mind Gym 3D, there are 90 "daily" sessions, each consisting of four warm-up games and a four-part challenge, each covering the four categories in the game, which are (with example tasks):

Memory: See a few objects once or twice and answer questions based on what was there or what changed; repeat a short sequence of numbers.

Visual: Determine left or right from the perspective of an on-screen character; count how many blocks would need to be added to a figure to form a perfect cube; select the appropriate design to complete a given sequence.

Word: Select words relating to a given category; spell in reverse; complete a seven-letter word by filling in the blanks with a three-letter word.

Numerical: Add the prices of items on a conveyor belt; complete a small sudoku-like puzzle; pick the numbers that are multiples of a given number.

There only appear to be 90 "days" (which you can play whenever you want), with eight puzzles in each. Each "day" takes between five and ten minutes to complete, and there doesn't seem to be a huge amount of variety in the tasks, so there is a serious lack of depth to this game.

There's one glaring error that I can't believe actually made it out of alpha testing, let alone into a finished game: when you're given the results of a daily challenge (and when you refer back to them later), the labels for the Numerical and Word results are reversed (your Word score is labeled "Numerical" and vice versa).

The games are fun for a while, but there just isn't a whole lot of game here, and if they can't even get the results graphs right, what else have they screwed up that I haven't noticed yet?

Verdict: This would be reasonable as a five-dollar downloadable game; as a full-priced cartridge, not even close. Rent it if you're desperate for mind games with pretty graphics, but don't buy it.

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