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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords


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Also on:PS2, Wii, DS
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Very Good

Not Your Typical "Blocks" Puzzle Game!

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) May 14, 2007

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If there ever was a melding of genres, this would be a good example. It's basically a RPG strategy game, except instead of bloody, visceral fighting sequences you match-up blocks "Bejeweled" style.

You choose the class of character (e.g. wizard, warrior) which determines the types of spells available. The game is deep where spells can be chosen (six initially) and skills and equipment can be upgraded. Even your castle can be equipped with a forge to create new items (done via a puzzle mini-game of its own). Like I said, not your typical puzzle game.
Battles are done on a single board consisting of different colored mana "jewels" and other symbols. Linking three or more of these up bestows the mana: skulls do damage to "life bars" (yes, you have a life bar). Spells can be activated by collecting the "recipe" of mana and can affect different things: the jewels on the board, course of play or offensive/defensive plays to your opponent. The A.I. is quite aggressive and impressive and uses what it has. With this is mind, you have to think strategically (e.g. "two moves ahead"). If not, you could be setting up yourself for damage, mana drain or even death by "giving" combos to your enemy. As a result, do not play this like a normal puzzle game. The A.I. is actively trying to take you out. My wife who is a puzzle game whiz was mopped-up until she got the hang of it (several frustrated hours later)!
The graphics are nice and clean and the music is typical "fantasy" genre which goes well.
If you want a puzzler with more than "Time Trials" or "Marathon" mode or introduce your wife/girlfriend to RPG games, give this game a try!

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GF Rating


Something new

posted by Trapp911 (CINCINNATI, OH) Jul 20, 2007

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A very unique combination of puzzle games and RPG element. I really liked this game because it was well done, had some pretty cool elements - researching spells, forging new weapons, capturing vs killing enemies. The one knock I have about the game is that because it is the Bejeweled style puzzle, and no other. The puzzles are varied enough because your enemies will have different spells/capabilities and you will also be able to change out spells throughout your quests, but the puzzle never changes. Overall I think this game would offer excellent replayability and is good to take on the road, once the price comes down I would recommend it. Interesting combination of the two genres that is done very well.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun puzzle game for the go.

posted by xterranv (BELMONT, NH) May 11, 2007

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This was a pretty kewl puzzle game to take on the go for your psp. It's a puzzle game with an RPG feel.

At first it starts out like an RPG type game with picking your character type and there's an overworld map with villages and castles.

In your quests, you encounter enemy's blocking your path as you move through the map. When fighting the enemies you are faced with a Bejeweled type puzzle. If you succeed in winning the puzzle, you have defeated the enemy. You are awarded points and gold. You then go back to the RPG feel of the game and can visit the villages and towns to purchase new equipment, armor in stores, speak to towns folk, and visit the royalies in the castles which will send you on other quests. Along the way you pick up people who join you in your party, this helps in the puzzle quests.

It's an entertaining game to have, It did move quickly, but if you didn't go into the puzzles with a strategy, as you progressed thru the game levels, you were easily defeated.

It's a good rental. If you don't finish it, and you like it, then 'keep it'. :-) Have fun.

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