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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords


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Absolutley terrible and mis-advertised game.

posted by SilverLion (PITTSBURGH, PA) Aug 18, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

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Let me save your time. What this review is going to basically say is that Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, is one of the worst the DS has to offer.

Graphically, the game is barely passable for a GBA era game. Most everything is 2d, with one very badly rendered 3d map to move around on. The graphics are dark and kind of smudgy, and are bound to hurt your eyes after awhile. Very rarely you might get a single still image to illustrate the horrible story.

The audio department is the game's 2nd worst feature. All in all, there are about 4 different song you're going to hear through the game. The battles (Which you will do hundreds of) will play one of two songs. That's it. No more to unlock, nothing. You will eventually mute your DS.

There is no story. You're generic knight/wizard/druid in training. Now you must stop the evil! That's it. Moving on...

The Gameplay, lauded as a "unique blend of RPG and Puzzle elements" (HAH), is the game's worst fault. put simply, the game is Bejeweled. Played every time you need to do anything. At all. Unavoidable Random battle? Bejeweled. Story Battle? Bejeweled. Capture something? Bejeweled. Siege a city? Bejeweled. Make a weapon? Bejeweled.

There are no special rules to any of the rounds, no nothing. Standard horrible bejeweled. Played several hundred times until you either finish the game or quit.

Now as for the supposed "RPG elements", they are basically the ability to acquire/create mostly useless equipment which does very little for the most part. Once you gain the ability to make (Very early on), nothing the game will give you will be better. You may siege cities, which gives you 100g every blue moon, and capture things, which might learn you a useless skill. That's it for your "RPG Elements"

In closing, don't rent this game, please. Save your sanity. There are better puzzle games. There are better RPG's. Get one of those.

The only reason to even consider this game is if you live and wish to die, bejeweled.

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Great game on Xbox Live

posted by nycubans (OSSINING, NY) Aug 15, 2008

Member since Aug 2004

I love this game on Xbox Live and since I contracted the rings of doom I decided to rent it for my DS (while Microsoft repaired my 360). The one great thing about this game is that it reminded me of how much I can still curse in my native tongue. The controls are horrible and unforgiving. The stylus will point to one box and the next box will be chosen. I had to send it back and hope that my 360 comes home soon.

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Good Concept, weak execution

posted by FrostBight (WHITTIER, CA) Jun 30, 2007

Member since Nov 2004

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Unfortunately, this game did not hold my interest for very long, despite being a decent game.

The concept for the game was great and really had some decent 'beef' to it, however, the graphics, music, and overall presentation of the game was severely lacking.

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