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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords


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Very fun game, didn't put down for about 3months

posted by LauraX (MECHANICSVILLE, MD) Feb 10, 2008

Member since Aug 2004

if you enjoy bejeweled but also "quest" action, this is the game for you.

i played this during any free moment i had almost additively.

it took about 3months to finally finish every quest there was.

the only neg. comment i have is you can only gain 99999pts of experience and i got that half way, you lvl up through exp or gold, so it kinda sucked that once i hit that mark, all my gold that i would gain i had to use to lvl up instead of purchasing better armor/equipment.

i really did enjoy the game 2nd is that you can capture foe and learn their spells in which you can use these spells later, which was pretty cool.

hope this helps you in your decision to order this game, i bought it i enjoyed this so much.

thx again

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Interesting genre mash = good!

posted by CaptSberg (OMAHA, NE) Sep 13, 2007

Member since Sep 2006

Puzzle Quest at first may sound like kind of a dumb concept...a puzzle game and an RPG, but it is pulled off extremely well. I will be as concise as possible:

Pros: Good length, great pick-up and playability, good difficulty curve, seamless integration of RPG elements into a Bejeweled style battle system with magic and weapon/armor creation, as well as a "siege" system allowing you to take over towns as you go collecting gold as their ruler, rather intelligent AI (which is always nice).

Cons: Sometimes the sidequests get a little repetitive as does the battle (all bejeweled), towards the end it is easy to become too powerful (but difficulty can be adjusted on the fly), finally the story is a little cliché (but the cast of characters make up for that).

Overall, a nice solid puzzle game for the DS that has a nice humor about itself while keeping the pace nicely quick.

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Great Puzzle/RPG fusion

posted by wetlands (KENMORE, WA) Jul 5, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

This is a great game.

The RPG elements breathe new life into "match the gem" puzzle gaming. Puzzle game monotony is balanced with RPG items, spells, building, etc. A deep level of strategy can be employed through careful selection of items and techniques.

Use of the stylus is required. Input is spread out between moves and does not generate excess wear and tear on the hands. Playing with a comfortable mechanical pencil makes things even better.

The music composure is quite nice in places, redundant in others.

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