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Puss in – a really bad game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 27, 2011

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Just when I thought it was going to be safe to assume that game makers will give up on movie based games, I get Puss in Boots: the game. It’s clear that whoever made this game had one thing in mind: sponging more money off unsuspecting players with an ill-conceived and badly executed action adventure game.
In this game, you play as the title character, and it’s your job to beat up several brawny guys, run after all sorts of characters, and do a bit of sneaking.
But the gameplay is dumbed down a lot. When you fight, all you have to do is wave the Wiimote around, use the thumbstick to aim the opponent at an object, and then press the Z button. Most of the time, the other guy will be defeated – and you get money. What makes it worse is that you’ll be doing those moves a few dozen times throughout the game. It gets really boring really fast.
The other parts are not any better – there are sections where you hit the indicated button on your controls, parts where you wave the Wiimote and Nunchuck when prompted or move along a single path from point A to point B (there’s no exploring in this game.)
The only decent part of the game is when you ride about on a leaf while avoiding obstacles and grabbing money, but even that got tiring after a short while.
There are unlockables including posters of the characters in the movie, but that feature did not thrill me.
There are also challenges where up to four players take turn knocking bad guys into barrels, pushing certain buttons when prompted, avoiding barrels, or beating up bad guys. They got boring after a few tries.
Puss in Boots is one game that only the players about 8-12 years old might want to play – but with an E10 rating, that group will be very small. Everyone else will be better off just seeing the movie. SKIP IT

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To short and stupid

posted by jakeanglo (DERBY, CT) Feb 20, 2012

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most of the levels arnt even going along with the movie. it is very short and only has 12 levels. it does all the walking for you exept when you are in chases. finally all you have to do to fight is swing wii remote and can click after a while z and c

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how fast can you beat it

posted by jyates (NORTH SALT LAKE, UT) Jun 20, 2012

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it took me only 1 1/2 hours to beat it if you are insanly fast at games maybe 1/2 an hour

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