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"Purr Pals" For a small group of players only

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 7, 2008

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Purr Pals looks like a sequel to Nintendogs on the DS. Players create a kitten from several dozen breeds, then take on the task of caring for the kitten.
The kitten has four needs: Food, Play, to be loved, and Brushed.
To satisfy the Brush and the Love need, all you do is wave the Wiimote over the kitten and press a button.
The Food is more complicated; grab the food with the B button, place it over the bowl and twist the Wiimote. The controls for this section are imprecise; I had to turn the Wiimote upside down to pour food out of the can.
As for playing with the kitten, it depends on the toy; some are simple waves of the Wiimote, others are tougher (one where you have to spin the Wiimote in a circle is annoying). One of the high points in the game is watching the cat play with the toys.
Oh, and you do have to clean up the litter, but the controls there are very clunky (as if that job's not fun to begin with).
So far, so good. But you have to get money to get food, litter, toys, and other stuff for your kitten. How do you do that?
By playing games - mostly really bad games. The good games are the simon says game, a music rhythm game, and a heart shooting game.
The bad games are a Mouse Hunt game that relies more on luck than skill, a Ping Pong game that scores in a way I don't understand, and a basketball and golf game whose controls hardly work.
A major problem Purr Pals has is you'll have to play these games several dozen times over to make the cash to get the items you need and want. It only took me a few goes before I got bored at all but the music rhythm game.
If you're a Nintendogs fan or you love the idea of caring for a kitten, then this game's for you. If you're not, then this game's not for you.

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not worth it

posted by integrity1 (ANGOLA, IN) Aug 22, 2009

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I got this for my 7 yr old.. she could not do it. Its hard to do the many things that has to be done in a "day" on the game, getting timing right, feeding, grooming, etc. Too much for her. The games are cute but hard to control. This game is for ONE player. You can earn money to buy more cats but you cannot have different profiles for everyone in the family! I was disappointed at this. I was also turned off at the part where you have to "love" your kitty. She looks like she is in heat and enjoying her mate when you "love" her. I did not like this game.

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Really Bad

Frustrating game

posted by Lara7yr (AUBURN, CA) Oct 20, 2009

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I wanted to play this game because I love pets. I was only able to create one pet and then I ran out of money. I could not do a thing after that.
Why do I have to make money to play the game? I am only 7 years old and not really into making money. I would much rather be able to play with the pets and not worry about finding ways to make money so I can play.
They should have a built in cheat that would let you turn off the money part.
I will not play this game again.

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