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Cat jumps into sink

In kitchen or bathroom you can encourage your purr pal to jump into the sink. While playing with the bouncy ball use your stylus to direct ball into sink, ball should stay in sink, cat runs up to sink, jumps in. When cat is in sink and you want to witness what she does use the arrow in top left your screen then shows cat in sink. She turns tap on by using her paws(like a sensor action water comes out she uses it ) it then goes off.

cats toys

Use the dumper truck in the garden, cat loves it. It takes negotiating, use the cursor and stylus to manoevre the truck while cat sits on it. They love that back/forth motion on the slide and turning round in circles. It gets the play bar down from the red quick , cat doesn't necessarily have to complete eating, let it munch a bit and give it a bag from 1 or 2 other varieties that gets the red down on the bar, I found this controlled fleas a bit better.

cat walk!

You can get the cat to walk on the piano keyboard, and the mantelpiece in the living room. Use one of the long string toys. Use stylus to maneuver this string over keyboard and mantle piece. I've only managed once to get cat on mantelpiece, she knocked the vase down that sits there not sure if you have to pay out of funds! Cat likes the fish tank, she just jumps on to the stool herself when she enters living room.

Quick Contests

If you book contests they are usually 1 day ahead or more. Try this trick to see if you get the cash. Book contest, save game, turn off your DS, and take out the game. Turn the DS back on without a game in it, then go to settings and set the clock 1, 3, or 5 days ahead. Turn the DS off, put Purr Pals back in and start the game. Do whatever is necessary to make the cat presentable for the contest, then take it to the contest to see if you win.