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Very Good

Pure Fun

posted by Yogurt109 (MILLERSBURG, OH) Oct 12, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

20 out of 21 gamers (95%) found this review helpful

First Off I am not a huge race fan mostly because the games can't hold my attention for more than an hour or two. This was not the case with PURE. I enjoyed this game through more than two days of playing.

Graphics are top notch. Backgrounds are sharp and I can't see why anyone would say anything bad about them.

The music did not get old at all. Enough songs on track to change it up and keep it fresh.

Gameplay - Some great tricks. Racing was fun only a few little hickups here or there but that ws mostly getting used to the controls. The build your own ATV aspect was a welcome addition. Online play was surprising hard to get into as a beginner since everyone had better ATV's than me but later on that was taken care of.

A very solid rental and if your a race fan you may even want to buy it.

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Wow, that was FUN!

posted by UrThumbs (GARDEN CITY, NY) Feb 24, 2009

Member since Sep 2008

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Ok, I wasn't expecting much. I'm not that big a racing fan to begin with. I like Forza series, and before that was... well Daytona USA by Sega. I still hit that multiplayer arcade anytime I see one in a mall. Well back to PURE... as in PURE awesome. The game has slick presentation (which i feel we should expect in 2009), and fun easy to pick up gameplay. I feel I could pick up the game in a minute, but it took me an hour or two for me to figure out when to boost vs saving it. It sounds simple, but timing when to boost vs saving your juice is what will have you win or lose a race, and make no mistake - it is hard to master.

FunFactor: 9/10

I picked up the game and couldn't put it down.

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Off-road arcade racing at its best

posted by Undead (PASADENA, CA) Sep 20, 2008

Member since Sep 2004

48 out of 53 gamers (91%) found this review helpful

Pure is an offroad arcade ATV racing game that puts you in races on all sorts of different tracks around the world. Every track has a ton of crazy big jumps, realistic scenery, and multiple paths to race through. Each of these paths can either get you farther head, farther behind, or can send you off some very large jumps to pull over the top tricks on.

The game itself is very straightforward. You have three basic racing types: a normal race, which is usually three laps around a big track, sprint, which is about 5 laps around a very short track, and freestyle, in which the goal is to get the highest score possible by pulling off tricks and chaining as many together as possible to increase your score. Each of these types offers a ton of fun and requires you to build the optimum bike for each type of event.

One of the unique things about Pure is the way you can build your own unique ATV from scratch. You can pick each individual part, from the brakes and suspension, to the engine and even the handguards on the front of the atv. If you don't feel like building one by choosing each individual part you can also just hold X to autobuild a race bike or hold Y to autobuild a stunt bike. Either way, each bike you make will handle and perform differently.

The graphics in the game are top notch, with clear-looking water, mud, scenery, and beautiful skylines on every course. The AI in the game is also very good. From the first race, the AI will never fall too far behind and will almost always give you a run for your money in every event. As for the problems, well, there really aren't too many outstanding problems. The game could have added more options and depth but that's about it.

Overall, Pure is a very fun and enjoyable arcade ATV game with beautiful graphics, over-the-top tricks, challenging AI, and very few problems. It's definitely worth at least a rent.

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