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Good game but

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) Sep 11, 2012

Member since Mar 2004

This is a good game but it has a few Glaring Problems,First theres the Problem of the place you are forced to start every Race the guy in front of you in every race start gets in your road. Then in the last area you race on a track that part Ice and while the Game controlled riders dont seem to slow down on the ice you do big time though. So even after winning every other race,Sprint,and Freestyle i have been unable to win that one frankly i think it is made that way

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because it was from PURE IS PURELY EPIC!!!

posted by jmcdaniels365 (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

First off, I decided to give this game a try because I didn't want MX vs ATV Reflex due to its reviews and the youtube videos looked promising. I was skeptical because it was from Disney Interactive. But just like Split/Second, they didn't let me down.

Pure is purely epic! At first, the game seemed like a piece of cake because winning the events was easy in World Tour mode. However, after about the third round, some events took me a good number of tries to beat. Once you know all the secret routes, you will do fine.

The stunts are almost unreal in this game and its fun making combos! I usually hate games with freestyle events, but this game made winning freestyle events easy yet hard at the same time. You can get frustrated when you don't land right when your trying to pull off a second combo or the combo times out before the next jump. However, there is a wide variety of tricks at different levels. If you get some tricks together in one combo, then winning freestyle events should be a snap.

Graphics wise, this game is somewhat blurry with their cutoff lines, but that is what makes the game even better. I give the graphics a nine.

The only cons to this game are that some of the trophies can be difficult to earn even for a pro player. The game also only does ATVs (sorry MX). But, the game makes this up by giving you the opportunity to make all of your ATVs from scratch, which is a plus for people who love games with customization options.

Overall, great game to play both online and off. The stunts and graphics are great and the gameplay offline presents a nice challenge which keeps the player addicted. A MUST RENT IF NOT BUY, ESPECIALLY FOR OFFROAD FANS!!

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posted by sajuggalo (CANASERAGA, NY) Dec 5, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

this game is fun im not a fan of racing game but this game is sweet i would have kept it if i could

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