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What can I say? Im really impressed

posted by DASHREDDER (PLYMOUTH, IN) Sep 22, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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I was one of those skeptical people that ever thought an offroad racer would be worth my time. I bought Mx vs. ATV last Dec. and man I just pretty much gave up on the genre. Alas, the savior of offroad racing has emerged, and the game is pure bliss. Kinda ironic, because the game is called Pure, and for a reason.

The graphics are top notch. Its got a cell shaded, hand painted look, and at the same time it looks really realistic. I know that probably made no sense, but its because its the first game that I've seen take that approach. Plain and simple,, the game is gorgeous. The animations are fluid. There is no pop in and no screen tearing. Really the only bad thing I can say about it graphically is that their is nothing bad to point out. Which I find amazing because its a multi platform game. Frame rate is a solid 30fps.

The gameplay is really solid. Its easy enough for beginners and has enough depth to never get bored. The regular tricks in the game are pretty average, nothin we haven't seen before, but the jumps are huge, and the special tricks are insane. Its never felt so rewarding to pull tricks off like these. Its like you feel so superhuman. Its arcadey, and sim at the same time. What I like the most is that you dont get punished like you do in Mx vs. ATV. You can actually land tricks and live to tell about it.

The customizing in the game is pretty nice. Its not a Gran Turismo, but you can really make some cool looking bikes. You can pick any of the five riders to use whenever you want, which works nicely because they all have different stunts to use. The multi player is really sweet, and yes there is voice chat. The thing about multi player is that you can't use all the maps at first. You have to earn them through single player, but you should do that anyways so you can get the better bikes.

Pretty much the best thing about this game is that it is really fun. Thats the thing that most devs forget to put in their games. Pick this up

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Catch some air!!!

posted by DrMarten (SAYLORSBURG, PA) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

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This game is just downright FUN! If you enjoy racing games, you'll want to rent this one at least, and possibly buy it. I've heard alot of comments about "it's not realistic" what? It is a VIDEO GAME. Video games are unrealistic. Go and buy an actual ATV if you need strict realism. The controls are easy, the tricks are sweet, and you SOAR through the air. Theres plenty of tracks to race on, and you can also customize your ATV if you like. Like I said, try renting it, if you're unsure about purchasing it.

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PURE fun

posted by BamaMatt10 (KILLEN, AL) Feb 21, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

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Ok so i got this game not knowing really what to expect other than it involved atvs and sick air. This is my list of pros and cons:

Visually stimulating. . . i wrecked several times because i was checking out the surrounds during a race or freestyle.

Sick Air

Realistic / Unrealistic Tricks

You get to build your atv from the frame up with parts from liscenced manufacturers like Tag, Renthal, Blingstar, and Pro Armor just to name a few.

The lack of a "free ride" area alot like ATV Fury. I cant get into how much time I would spend just riding around looking for jumps to hit.

Sometimes when you get off course it takes forever to wreck or restart which can easily cause you to lose a race. I mean seriously. . . .i dont wanna fall down a revene for 5 seconds before im reset.

Maybe lengthen the game a little longer. . . I placed in the top 10 in less than a week.

This game can easily be enjoyed by anyone who gets into freestyle offroading. . . .i thoroughly enjoyed this.

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