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Beauty is skin deep

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Aug 24, 2014

Member since Dec 2009

This game oozes style, character, and has some fantastic voice acting. However it sort of stops there.

In the Puppeteer you play as Kutaro, a boy who can change heads, use magic scissors and is working to restore the moon kingdom. If you've played a platformer you'll be at home here. The elements that set this apart are your companion you can be used to uncover items with the right stick, as well as the cutting mechanic and the special abilities of each head.

Gaming wise it's pretty standard platforming. Jumping puzzles, using new powers to get through a level, fighting bosses, and QTEs as well.

The graphics, music and voice acting are awesome. It has a lot of charm, as it's setup like a stage show. The audience reacts to your actions on screen, and each level is considered an ACT just like in a play. Each act has 3 separate parts.

Unfortunately despite all of the charm the gameplay seems to become a little lacking. I made it to the end of Chapter 3 before I had lost interest in the game. It's a shame because it is such a good looking game. The gameplay is very forgiving and easy, and the platforming challenges, while done in some extremely unique levels do get repetitive after a while.

One other thing is that before each level there is a cutscene. They are well acted, and animated. The only downfall is as the game goes on these get longer and longer. It doesn't mean they aren't entertaining, because they certainly are. It just feels like they weren't needed at the start and end of each level. I could understand at the start and end of each act.

For what it's worth this is a good game and worth a rental. It's also a budget title and now looks like it's about 17 bucks. Certainly something all ages can play due to the difficulty of the game being fairly low.
Come for the Charm, stay for the style. But don't expect to be blown away by the gameplay.

Verdict: Rent.

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GF Rating


Probably wouldn't play again

posted by GamerWolf (NORTH ADAMS, MA) Jul 17, 2014

Member since Jul 2014

Puppeteer is based on a novel idea - playing through a puppet show. The presentation really is flawless, from the soundtrack to the voice acting to the visuals. The game play just isn't as fun as fun as it could be. The gameplay really is lacking. The cut scenes are long and usally I don't mind since they give you insite on the story but I just found myself just wanting to skip then so I could keep playing. Luckly for those of you that don't like cut scenes or are like me and they just didn't do it for you, you can skip them. Over all the game had a great idea behind it but I felt it could of been executed better.

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GF Rating

Very Good


posted by Raul12 (NEW ROCHELLE, NY) May 12, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

I enjoyed this game really different reasonable obstacles and bosses. What was good too you can go back to any stage just to finish loose ends. This game reminds me of a Genisis game called ''Dynamite Heady'' and Kid Chamilion remember those.

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