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Classic Punch-Out!! Solid Game

posted by flowmo (CLEVELAND, OH) Jul 1, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

This is really more of an update for a game than a brand new experience. The big thing to keep in mind is that when games like mario or zelda went from old to new school a lot about the game changed, how it looked AND played. Punch-out!! plays just like the NES classic.

Though, there are motion controls, and they are fun for glass joe. After him, get rid of the balance board and use the Wii remote sideways after the second circuit at the latest. There is just too much of a delay for it to be effective. This game should have been a great example of how to make a game with motion controls and one I have been waiting for sine the release of the Wii, but what makes it fun is exactly what made the old ones fun and not the introduciton of motion control.

This is tried and true Punch-out!!, learn your opponents paterns, wait to dodge and then counter punch (sometimes counter for star punches!). It also only has two new fighters, but all of them feel new, especially in title defence mode where every fighter gets some new tricks. This game is a blast and designed in such a way where its easy to pick up and difficult to master.

This is NOT a boxing game, that is just the setting. Much like Jason X isn't sci fi even though its in space, its a slasher. This game is more like a puzzle or even a rhythm game. Pattern recognition game maybe?

Well whatever it is its a blast, but not quite worth $50. Rent it on gamefly, buy it used. I'd say its worth $30. I also LOVE how that have DK in it.

Keep in mind, if you have mastered these fighters in there original game, they will be familiar enough to get you going faster, but have some new tricks you will have to learn so don't let the thin roster hold you back.

This game also maintains the humor of the original. A lot of jokes refering to the classic, and about Docs love of chocolate bars. Not ground breaking humor, but enjoyably light.

Definately worth playing.

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Very Good

Great ode to the past

posted by King4day (CHARLOTTE, NC) Jul 1, 2009

Member since Jan 2007

I though this was a great game. A bit easier than the original when you play it the first time through, but then when you go to defend your belt, you'll find yourself even losing to the likes of Glass Joe, let alone everyone else (maybe that was just me).
I didn't finish defending the belt as I wanted to start Fight Night 4, but the game is great and probably worth buying after a few months, when you can buy it used for cheap.

The music is excellent. Good comedy.
I wish the old Punch out was in there as a bonus.

Definently worth a rent, and for some, worth a buy.

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Punched out after a few rounds

posted by VegaDude (LAS VEGAS, NV) Jun 26, 2009

Member since Mar 2009

This game was great and reminded me of the game during Nintendo's prime years. However not much has changed but that is kinda sad but overall great game and fun for a few hours or how ever long it takes you to beat it, enjoy!!!!

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