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Why Didn't anyone Play This?!

posted by THK098 (FT WORTH, TX) May 2, 2006

Member since May 2004

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Seriously,this game is FUN.I'll admit,at first glance,this game looked strange because of the weirdo characters,but then I actually played it.The story was pleasantly humorous and the script and voice acting was top-notch.The powers are used in unique and innovative ways.The only problem I had with this title was hat it was too short.A game like this should've been longer.Let's hope for a Psychonauts 2.

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Very Good

Whats so good (and bad) about psychonauts

posted by gamerlord (POTTSTOWN, PA) Dec 10, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

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This was a highly wanted game that was supposed to be released on the dreamcast. The game is exellent, though anyone who has ever played sonic or prince or persia is bound to think this game is easy. It is also too short. I would love it if the makers would make a sequel starting right at the end of the secret ending you earn by getting rank 100. But lets get to the good parts of the game. Pschonauts has an excellent use of the powers available, telekenisis, pyrokenesis, confusion grenades, clairvoyance, invisibility, pschic ball, and psi blast, and all of them are necessary to complete the creative and fun missions. The most fun, and difficult mission is "the milkman conspiracy" where Raz has to travel into the guards mind to find the milkman. It is very odd and creative level. The bosses are creative and challenging. The one thing that seperates pychonauts from any other platformer is the dialogue, from basic story lines to squirrels telling a child to kill people. Now the ultimate add-on to the game would be if there was multiplayer. Then you could use the campers and teachers in an all out fight. The controls are straight forward and simple to get the hang of. It is a fun challenge trying to collect all of the mental baggage, mental cobwebs, and the figments of imagination. So over all I only have one thing to say, Long Live Pschonauts.

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The perfect platformer for grown-ups

posted by monger (PHILMONT, NY) Sep 18, 2006

Member since Jun 2003

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Wow. This is definitely the best game you never played. What? You say you don't like platformers? Hate collecting coins/mushroom/stars/widg- ets to trade in for power-ups? So do I. I have, like, zero time to play video games, so the minute it becomes tedious the game goes back to gamefly and I try the next one. What rockets Psychonauts to the platformer elite is that it never gets old. The environments are so wickedly different and inventive that at no point do you say to yourself, "Jeezus, not THIS again." And there's very little of the tricky timing sequences that blacken your soul to a despairing crisp when all you want is to just want to move ahead in the story.

A story ripe with deliciously dark humor from the wonderfully twisted geniuses at Double Fine developers.

Please, Double Fine, make a sequel. I PROMISE I will buy it.

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