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GF Rating

Very Good

Definitley worth trying!!!!

posted by mulchlayer (GRESHAM, OR) Feb 2, 2011

Member since May 2010

I loved this game :) different and very fun in terms of the ps2 game's
might want to pull up a ign walkthrough though when coming into contact with bosses.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Really Entertaining and Hilarious!

posted by jennytessa (VILLAS, NJ) Feb 8, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

Not only are the controls easy to use and fun, there's a ton of wacky off-beat fun to be had. Jumping into people's minds and finding out what's wrong with them was a really interesting idea and it made for an awesome game. The characters are all amusing and a lot of the time I found myself wandering around Whispering Rock and the asylum just to hear what weird things people had to say. I also loved how interactive the game was. Sometimes, I'd sit there using my psychic powers to mess with students so I could hear their weird reactions. It never got old, either ;D The voice acting fit perfectly too. Anyways, I must say Psychonauts is one of my favorite PS2 games and is definitely worth your time.

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GF Rating


A great game, a breakaway from the norm

posted by poke4597 (ATLANTA, GA) Sep 4, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

Psychonauts. Even the title appeals to a fantasy and superpower lover such as me. I rented this game on a whim, and am very glad that I did so.

Graphics-8/10-For a PS2 game, these are nice graphics. The game is colorful and is animated well. Nothing looks bad, and with this kind of ambitious game, the graphics could have been much, much worse.

Gameplay-10/10-This game is very fun to play. The powers that your lovable character will receive are very amusing and fun to play with. The platforming elements in this game are also very well placed, and they never feel rushed or sloppy, and they always make sense. Also, the freeform exploration parts of the game often result in encounters with adorable and hilarious characters across the camp, which make this game an absolute blast to play.

Story-9/10-The story in this game is very cute and sweet. It is rather shallow, but it is a perfect fit for a quirky game like this. It involves Rasputin, or Raz, the young protagonist, attending a camp for kids with special psychic powers. They are in training for becoming Psychonauts, psychic secret agents. Then of course, something starts to go wrong.


Length/Replay Value/ Difficulty-9/10-This game is a nice length, not too long but not too short. The replay value of this game is rather nice, as there are tons of things to collect, to attain better powers and grow stronger in general. This game can be a little challenging, such as during certain platforming portions of the game.

When all is said and done, Psychonauts is a wonderful game, full of personality and charm. There were a few problems however, such as the game's camera, which has a few issues, and especially the loading times. They are murder for an eager gamer such as me. This is a great game, so I definitely think you should rent it.

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