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Yet another game that coulda been good

posted by upsetgamer (PLAINVILLE, KS) May 18, 2006

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Yes another game that could have been good but the programers said No we cant make a good game so let us mess it up by putting in a camera that is more of a henderance to the game then a help and lets make it so the only people that can play the game are the ones that Have Perfect timing and reflexes of a Mongoose. When will the programers get it through their Thick Skulls that in a Platformer game it is really really nice to be able to see what your trying to jump onto? My Guess is never because that would mean they would actually have to put in some work on doing it and they would also have to play test the game before they put it out and, God Forbid that a game was actually tested before it is Published im guessing that they just dont care if their games can be played because that would mean they care about more then the All Mighty Dollar. Software Companies only care about how much money they can rip the gamers off for by selling games that are Like this one better suited as coasters then an actual game!

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posted by DaBlueFox (ATTLEBORO, MA) Apr 19, 2006

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This game is WAAAAYY out there. I seriously think the makers on this game were smoking peyote while they were designing it! The characters are very strange and there are some really strange elements and events. For instance, if you walk up to a certain girl character and bug her too much, she threatens to set you on fire. This game, I think, has content that is really meant for adults or older teens. Unfortunately, the gameplay is meant for kids. It's extremely repetitive and it's fairly simple to figure out the puzzles in the game. It's also so trippy and the colors are so odd that the game gave me a headache after playing it for about a half hour. It's not a badly made game, it just wasn't really for me and I think they should have decided on a specific age demographic for the game as it is all over the map.

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You need to know the truth, read this.

posted by TruthMan (MULESHOE, TX) Jun 15, 2007

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OK! now first off listen you want to know the truth, you need to read this.

I nearly loved this game, but the game is missing SO MUCH!

Story line- very clever, and trully funny, but got old.

Cam views- made me want to shoot someone.

Charters- very original, but got to annoying.

Game play- dont even get me started! nearly great, but nearly does not count. its so hard just to shoot the gun. and it fills so limiting, It breaks every law of fixics and is just boring. and its only fun for the first few minutes.

graphics- the only thing about the game that was kinda ok, except they are all off looking colors that will give you a head ake, and gets repetitive, just like every thing else in the game, but trust me their not very good

and i want to say this to the people who gave this game a ten... what are you smoking? ( probily the same thing that the produsers of this game where ) and please do understand you may have i diffrant opinion then me but i cant posibly see giving this game a 10,,, If it was not for the game play its self, i would have gave this game a 6 or 7 but,
I am not telling you to not rent this game, sure give it a shot, but dont expect to much.
And the "profeshinals" that gave this game a 5 out of 5 are STUPED, some of the best games in the world are gave a bad review.

O and this game mostly botherd me do to it being so dang repeditive,

read the below if your a gaurdean or perant

and yes this game is a little dimented, but its not that bad, REALLY. I meen dont not let your kid rent this game just becouse you think its weird... your kids incounter things ten times worse at shcool then on a viedo game! this game will not make your kid a bad person... its the people they hang around with at school.

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