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Psychonauts, a nice change of pace

posted by dsd2682 (Miami Beach, FL) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

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When I first started Psychonauts. I wasn’t hooked right away. But, by the third level, I must admit I was impressed. This game is beautifully rendered, imaginative, and original. The characters are genuinely amusing. Except for some of the camp kids who don’t really develop much during the game, all the people you interact with have surprisingly interesting personalities.

What I enjoyed most about this game, beside the colorful and imaginative surroundings, was that I wasn’t impossible to figure out. The bosses were difficult, but not to the point of frustrating. With a few exceptions you can get through the game without totally frying your brain trying to figure out the impossible. For those of you who really like a mental challenge, there is the difficult but very interesting “milkman conspiracy” level. For those of you who are platform lovers at heart, the Meat Circus is a twisting trapeze that will have you delightfully (or in my case frustratingly) busy.

My only complaint was the camera view. There were many many times when I would go near a tree or under a platform and all I could see was just that. The camera didn’t follow you as seamlessly as it could have, but I find most 3d games run into this problem. And for the most part, you could always change the view manually. My other complaint was the loading times. If you do play this game, try to get it for PC or Xbox. On PS2 the loading times are suicidal. But in the long run, its still worth the wait.

I give Psychonauts a 5…out of 5!

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Very Good

Journey Through the Mind

posted by dasilodavi (WATERTOWN, MA) Sep 26, 2006

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I thought this game was great. I also thought every Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter game was great, as well as Kya: Dark Legacy and a host of others. What I'm saying here is that the game is fun, but it's sort of a cookie-cutter platformer. You find and buy items to gain ranks to increase your psychic abilities to get to new areas and start all over. Fun, yes, but not innovative.

Where this game shines is the color. The character design is cool, and the voice acting is (Thank God!) fabulous, with Richard Horvitz of Invader Zim as the protagonist Raz as well as numerous fine voice actors. The level design is creative; each new zone is another person's mind, complete with eccentric personas and disjointed level segments. You truly feel like you're wandering through someone's shattered psyche, setting right their grievous past.

The game's a bit buggy in the later levels, and the final stage felt a bit rushed (without giving anything away, there's a platform jumping nightmare that kicks you to the beginning when you screw up. Ugh!). Still, this doesn't really detract from the overall experience; a fun romp through a very engrossing world. This game is lengthy, especially if you want all the items and secrets, so rent it and consider a purchase.

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Psychonauts an actually smart game

posted by cellAMM (PHOENIX, AZ) Jun 29, 2006

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Psychonauts is one of the smartest, funniest, and wierdest games I have played in my life. It's a game where you actually get to know the characters alot. The script is one of the funniest written in a long time. The levels are very wierd and wacky. It has gameplay like a platformer wich I don't usually play but for this I'll make an exception. The biggest problems are the last levels of the game. The camera will get on your nervs and if you hate escort missions then you'll claw your eyes. I won't spoil anything for you but you will deffinetly start to swear. The game plays like it was on the PSP but is a great game that most likley wont get the attention it deservs. So do the world a favor and make sure this game is on your Q list

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