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N.Y. City will never be the same!

posted by SirRobin (DAVIE, FL) Jan 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

10 out of 12 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

I just recently checked out and played the PS3-Hit game "Prototype" and I must say the other reviews and hype for this game were not exaggerated in the least. From the graphics to the seamless destruction scenes to the variety of methods for completing your missions, this game packs a punch, claw, blade, and other weapons of mass destruction.

The game in a nutshell puts you square into an infectious outbreak on the island of Manhattan with an infected individual named Alex Mercer, a former employee of the bio-chemical company Gemtech. However, Alex has a special strand of the infection, giving him super speed, strength, and the ability to morph his appendages into different weapons, among other skills picked up throughout the game. The military, headed by a government faction called Blackwatch, quarantines the island and tries everything in their power to corner, capture, or eliminate Mercer and his allies. Mercer, suffering from amnesia of how or why he received this strand of infection, goes about the city, looking for clues into his past and leads into Gemtech's executive branch. However, another powerful entity remains, one that is potentially more powerful and dangerous than Alex, and it is up to Alex to find out what it is and how to stop the infection once and for all.

What makes this game stand out for me is the attention to detail on the sites of Manhattan and the seemingly endless methods of dispatching enemies. Virtually any small object is able to be used as a weapon, such as satellite dishes, cars, people, a/c units, and so on. You can also disguise yourself as a military officer and order air strikes on certain buildings and targets or fake the military into thinking that Alex is another of their officers, gunning him down in the process.

The only thing I can negatively comment on is the controls. Running up buildings can be tedious at times and fighting towards the end is confusing. Overall, the game is a lot of fun and worth playing once.

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Above Average

A Hack n' Slash Sandboxer

posted by roguezhai (WASHINGTON, DC) Aug 25, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

53 out of 70 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

Let me just get this out of the way. If you're looking for a fun, engaging superhero/villain game, play Infamous. But if you're feeling contrary, or have already beaten Infamous, read on.

The Story:
Alex Mercer is infected with a plague. It gives him superpowers. He kills anything in his way.

Reminiscent of a hack n' slash because of all the button mashing. The screen is always filled with enemies or civilians or both. Infected and soldiers drop Devil May Cry looking glowing orbs. Collecting these allows you to upgrade powers, though you only really use three. The cutscenes are forgettable and best skipped and the missions are standard open world fare. Consuming soldiers is an interesting mechanic but could have been fleshed out a little more. As it stands, the consume events seem like little more than "stealth lite" or just another version of a time trial mission.

The military AI is awful. You can run up the side of a building in the middle of a base (while in military disguise) and not set off any alarms. The only soldiers worth worrying about are the ones with rocket launchers. The Hunter AI is awful and relentless, but once you upgrade your powers they are taken out easily.

Decent, with no lag given the amount of activity on screen. There's a good assortment of civilians but the Infected, soldiers, and buildings all blend together.

Final Thoughts:
Prototype succeeds at being a violent playground. Unfortunately, you're playing here alone. The game is populated by lifeless dolls and the player character is a one-dimensional, over-powered monster. If you're looking to blow off some steam, rent this game, but I guarantee you'll be blasting through the cutscenes in no time. if you want a more immersive, replayable game, play Infamous. You get all the cool powers and you can actually shape the game world around you. It seems small but an injection of emotion could have made all the difference in Prototype.

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King of the SANDBOX!!!

posted by ElecDyNomt (NEWMARKET, NH) Apr 21, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

5 out of 6 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

NYC is big in this game, movement is tricky as fist but don't get frustrated it IS worth getting used to, plus the upgrades for your in game powers get more impressive as you go.

If your not a fan of game that rely heavy on twitch skill (Final Fantasy people this is directed at you) you may not have fun with this one. Battles are frantic and very verybloody (did I mention there is a LOT of blood and gore in this game?)

Upgrade system is sweet enuf but using the moves in battle (once you get used to it and play around mixing different attacks, powers, and moves) it is total hack'n slash bliss.

You can also learn to use the military hardware like tanks and copters adding yet another flavor of tasty fun to mix, you can even call in air strikes. All this is accomplished but absorbing special targets like the "tank driver" then you can drive the tank and so on.

If you like God of War and GTA4 but found either/or (both) felt I bit flat or way too short (wish they made GoW a sandbox game?) than your gonna love this game it's huge and replay value is high. I love this freak'n game! Why haven't you played this game yet?!?

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