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posted by ACEauc (JAMAICA, NY) Jun 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2010

Look I really could wait to get my hand on this game. I loved Prototype one. It was original it was fun you built up to become an awesome character. The city the missions built up to become a fun game.

This game SUCKS! I am sorry but what a complete waste of time. Is it cool that the character curses every 5 seconds. I don't want to play in jersey city! There is no buildup to anything. Yea the graphics are much better and smoother but the soul of the game is a complete shell . Its like a girlfriend thats insanely hot but then after a while gets to become very very boring and making you want to tear your eyes out.

Here is the game hunt mode is boring. Go into a security zone get access go to basement kill ugly monster get skills. Tap X then fire then tap X again. Wow this is getting boring.

All i can say is i am happy i rented this game and i am still playing prototype 1. They really must have been lost at how to produce a great game after the first was fantastic.

I do not understand the good review its as if people must have been really bored.

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This Game is Amazing

posted by coolwaddle3 (LEWISVILLE, TX) Jun 14, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I Like this game so much I got it 5 days ago and i have 92% complete in trophies and this game is just so fun i mean you can hijack helicopters, blow them up and you can be anyone you consume exept infected and evoved but this game is AWESOME that is why i give it a 10

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Very Good

Fun, perfect game for Gamefly

posted by Rouge5 (JUPITER, FL) Jun 14, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

I played the original Prototype and found more fun in it than the ciritcs. Senseless, amazing open-world chaos at it's best. After playing the sequel and placing my short adventure back into the Gamefly envelope, the lingering feeling I have is: I wish it had more.

Gameplay - Dynamic, powerful, and after the Green Zone no challenge whatsoever. Leveling is easy and power-ups and meaningful and satisfying....Heller almost evolves TOO much. He truly is the top of the food chain. The side missions are fun enough (except for the run around in the time limit nonsense....I thought with Superman 64 they would finally get rid of that tired idea) with very good rewards if you finish them. In fact if you complete enough of them, you truly will be unstoppable as you mutate to near demi-god status. The web of intrigue is back, which like the first, is meaningless but fun nonetheless. You won't get any interesting sub-plots here, or secret hints, but you'll hear a lot of scientists and soldiers getting yelled at like a private on his first day at Marine Boot Camp. I guess every Blackwatch meal gets a complimentary steroid shake.

Heller's powers are better and more varied than ever. Enemies are cannon fodder, until you get to the more interesting enemies that I won't spoil here. Let's just say if you have a good imagination you can really set up some pretty epic battles. The world is your playground.

Combat is fun, though sometimes cheap but again, your godly powers will soon mock at their attempts. If you like chaos, not finesse, then you have found your home.

Content/Story SO MUCH CURSING! I personally love the story behind prototype. The Heller/Mercer dynamic could have been exploited to truly epic proportions, but no. Wasted potential. They spent all their time placing every F-bomb in ways, seriously folks, it boggles the mind. Bad script. The story will grip you at first then leave you a little empty. I'd say more but I'm out of room. Play it if you like the fi

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