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Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception


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Good, but should be better

posted by Real3motio (NEWARK, NJ) Jul 30, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

Whoever made this game or wrote the game script must be greatly inspired by Gundamn Seed in a way-- that is what I exactly felt after I finished the game. The plot of the story, the character, and all the battles are pretty similiar to what you saw in the Gundamn Seed anime. The only difference is you are not piloting a Mobile Suit indeatd of a Mobile Armor.

The genreal ideas of the game is good. It has descent graphics (especially when battleships blow apart),nice soundtracks,and above average weapons/stages designs.

Most of the fights are intense, but you got worn down after a while if you are not a big fan of space dogfights. You can shoot down multiple targets easily with the help of multiple lockon system, and at each stage you got tons of enemies to shoot at, from big ones to small ones. You got plenty weapons to choose from, depend on your fighting styles- Guns, Laser, Multiple Purpose Missles, AA Missles, Canons, Bombs.

However, the intense fights are jepordized by illy design controls.The lock on systems are bad, you have to activate it before you shoot a random target. If you don't, you will be flying blindly without knowing who to shoot at. This problem gets worse when you are flying in space, and when all your enemies are in "dark" color. Because without the auto lockons, sometimes it is hard to tell who is your friends or enemies. Even worse, to tell the distance between you and the target, you have to keep activating the lockons all the time manually as well. It is adoptable, but still painful and annoying.

Unclear mission objectives are problems. The main objectives are always clear- kill everone in your sight, but how about sub- objectives? you will never know unless you actually finish them.

The story is short, but well managed. So is the soundtrack.

This game is good, but should be better. If you like space dogfights, this is the game for you. If you are not, you might think twice before you rent this game.

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Has Potential

posted by InusBoy2 (PHOENIX, AZ) Jul 24, 2007

Member since Nov 2006

The game has great potential. The graphics are AMAZING. Exactly what we have come to expect from the Xbox 360. The gameplay is where it gets kind of dicey. Which, is obviously a bad thing. My first grievance is that the control scheme takes ALOT of getting used to. And personally it drives me crazy. The missions are well thought out and planned I think. But the flight and the combat during them can be pretty chaotic. I have to say, the engine trails, or whatever you want to call them, was not the smartest idea. It just clutters up the screen and makes it harder to see where you're shooting. The defense missions in this game (Though granted I've always sucked at defending anyone but myself in any game) are IMPOSSIBLE. I never know which enemy I'm supposed to be attacking. I attack the ones they point out for me but the person I'm defending, inevitably, gets blown to space dust. Given time and alot of patience, this game would be incredibly fun.

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A love it or hate it masterpeice

posted by ChrisZ (LONGVIEW, WA) Jul 22, 2007

Member since Mar 2006

Space shooters are a very niche genre and usually come in the arcade or simulation variety, Project Sylpheed is perhaps the first to seamlessly blend
the best of both worlds.

graphics at times seem barren in early missions but as the battles get bigger the game takes on a colorful beauty as waves of capital ships stretch as far as the eyes can see, and each buckling and blowing apart in a satisfying fireball under a growingly impressive list of weapons.

the controls are spot on as well and adjust perfectly to any play style, one will also find a few quick maneuvers a much loved feature from Crimson Skies: high road to revenge.

and though it may be hard to get the hang of at first the actual physics of flying in space are represented flawlessly allowing you to pull off some wicked power cut maneuvers that would be impossible in a game like ace combat.

the story though not to complex and at times ripping off Star Wars to the extent of becoming a parody of itself is decent Anime but for the genre
witch is most often devoid of anything but a basic war story its pretty much ahead of it's class.

what stands out about Sylpheed's game play is the weapons which start off as plain vanilla missiles and guns later give way to weapons that are so absurdly powerful that a you will wonder why the heck you need a fleet of warships at your back whin you can cut a heavy cruiser in half with one shot from 100 miles away or dispatch 50 fighters in a single missle salvo.

that being said it is understandable why online is complitely ignored as it would be inconceivable that a fighter match would last longer than 3 seconds without some extreme nerfs.

though the game does sport one or two goofy flaws it is overall a great experience for any starved fans of the genre with it's own share of nice innovations and a nice little $40 price tag

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