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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Game..

posted by sNakel337 (BROOKLYN, NY) Apr 17, 2006

Member since Aug 2005

2 out of 6 gamers (33%) found this review helpful

I was never a fan of the PGR series until this. This features great graphics, fast cars, and a solid online mode.

The Good: As stated before, when you first turn on PGR and run a quick race it will captivate you with georgous looking tracks, and a nice sense of speed. That alone is not enough – the cars, oohhh..the cars! PGR features some really exotic cars from the F1 Mclaren, to Ferraris, to Lamborghini’s. This game doesn’t wait to get up to speeds of 170 MPH, it starts you there! The controls are fitting and not that hard to get used to. The music is decent, but again if you don’t like it simply switches over to your custom soundtracks.

The bad: I have to be honest with you here…I first rented this game around January expecting a sort of a racing SIM, this game is NOT that. It is more of a mixed between Arcade and Racing Sim. So you can either find that a good thing or a bad thing. If you are playing another racing game right now, it might take you a bit longer to pick this one up, unless you are a racing freak, which then it should only take you 30 mins max. Another thing is that the career mode is way too short.

In summary a great game that should be rented and then decided upon if you wish to keep or not. Personally, I kept it and I am still playing it to this date. (on a side note: gamefly is offering this game at a very low buy price so you might not even want to rent it – just buy it!)

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GF Rating

Above Average

This is not a racing game. This is a Driving sim.

posted by dfcski (LINCOLN, RI) May 18, 2006

Member since May 2006

5 out of 16 gamers (31%) found this review helpful

IF you are a driving fanatic or a car enthusiast, this is your game.

IF you like racing games enough to spend time learning how to play them. This is your game.

However, IF you are a casual gamer in search of a fun game to play... look elsewhere. This game takes a longer than average time to learn, and takes a substantial amount of practice to be good at. Don't expect quick results.

So, if you love driving, or you love technical racing games, go for it, its well made and detailed, and the online play allows for endless competition.

online play offers a cool feature in which great players online races are broadcast like TV, so if you master this game, while you are racing, there could be players from all over the world tuning in. (if you like that sort of thing... ;)

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GF Rating


The only thing missing is excitement...

posted by WhoDey513 (CINCINNATI, OH) Aug 8, 2006

Member since Jan 2006

1 out of 4 gamers (25%) found this review helpful

I'm big into racing games, but I do play my share. I was bored of PGR3 within 3 hours of gameplay. Even when playing online, the game felt flat IMO. The nice shiny graphics are a plus, but for me, I need to have some replay value and PGR3 doesn't have it.

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