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Excellent sequel!

posted by coppercoin (BREEZEWOOD, PA) Dec 7, 2009

Member since May 2009

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box is a fantastic game for those of us that love mind-bending puzzles! Gameplay is easy, stylus dominant. The storyline is interesting, the characters are much the same as in the first Curious Village, but with a whole different problem to solve. The puzzles will remind you of those used in the C Village, but there are so many new ones to discover along your journey that it seems the makers of this game are definitely on their toes! I did enjoy the C Village very much, and was excited to see the Diabolical Box released. I was just as excited each night as I played. And if you are like me, while you are at work (or school), you will be thinking about a puzzle you played the night before, and working out a solution til the time you get home! There are some mighty tricky puzzles in this sequel, and that great feeling you get when the answer dawns on you - well, is just amazing. I highly recommend this game, the puzzles are practically endless, with weekly downloads available after you've completed the game - and bonus areas to open, too. I can hardly wait for the next game in the series!

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posted by dadof3 (RALEIGH, NC) Dec 6, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

This game was so great. My kids spent HOURS playing it. Usually they are bugging me telling me how bored they are. I barely even got them to decorate the Christmas tree with me they were so into it. I decided I had to try this game myself. I played it and the storyline was great. Along with the movie like graphics. Who knew a mystery game this good could be based around romance!Don't worry guys there is still a lot of action also.

The game had a fem minor setbacks.

1. Some puzzles were very frustrating and hard to understand.
2. Not as many puzzles as the first Professor Layton.
3. Many of the harder puzzles gave you items for your hamster and camera but because you couldn't solve them, your hamster stayed fat and your camera stayed broken

Other than that great game for puzzle lovers. Not so much for younger kids.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Puzzles, puzzles, and then some more puzzles...

posted by Taladryel (NEW YORK, NY) Nov 9, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

In most respects, "Diabolical Box" is pretty much identical to its predecessor, "Curious Village". In fact, the enjoyment of this game can vary based on whether one had played its predecessor (there is such a thing as puzzle overload). The gameplay is simple - the player moves from one static screen to another, tapping objects with the stylus to find hint coins and puzzles, which can be math, logic, basic "trick questions", maze-tracing, geometry and visualization, block-shifting, moving sheep across moats, chess, and an especially vicious type of "peg solitaire" (at least, once one makes it to the third and fourth levels of that one). Difficulty ranges from very easy to fairly difficult, and it doesn't help that in a few puzzles, the DS screen (or the question's wording) are not very helpful in getting the thing solved - more so than in the "Curious Village", in fact.

The fun part is - solving puzzles nets you Picarats, the game's currency - with each failed try reducing the number of Picarats you get per puzzle. Getting enough Picarats unlocks additional puzzle challenges (at least one of which requires a copy of the "Curious Village" as well) and the player can make puzzle-solving a bit easier by spending any hint coins found on up to three hints per puzzle.

All of this is tied together with a garden-variety "mystery", some anime-ish cut-scenes, and the obligatory swerve that, unlike in "Curious Village", is a bit on the "trippy" side (you'll see what I mean...). [Thankfully, any puzzles missed in a given chapter can be accessed later on in the story.] Frankly, I enjoyed the first game somewhat more, but again, this might be the effect of "Layton Fatigue" (playing through more than one of these in a six-month period is bound to be tiring).

On the whole, new players should find the barrage of brain teasers - tied together with a bare-bones mystery - an entertaining diversion. As for those who'd already played "Curious Village" - this is more of the same.

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