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If only EA and Konami could get together...

posted by csdesigns (APEX, NC) Mar 17, 2008

Member since Nov 2007

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Then we would have a great looking and an excellently controlled soccer game. As it is, we only have a wonderfully controlled soccer game here. The graphics are very much of the Xbox1-type. Really, this was the best Konami could do on the PS3?

But as it is with any sports title, the graphics can stand a bit on the wayside (although begrudgingly) if the controls are intuitive and respond accordingly. Which is what this game delivers. For the other poster to complain about the controls, not to bash him too much, but I have to ask if you have ever played FIFA 08? FIFA looked really nice, but the user-controlled players were always over-animating and I never felt like I was in complete control of the characters, especially when trying to make cuts with the ball. To me, that ruined the experience in FIFA, and really, its been that way ever since the last gen for that series. PES still lacks a large number of features and depth that the EA series has had for some time now, but the gameplay and control still belong to Konami.

If you own any of the last few games in the PES (Winning 11) series on PS2, then there may not be much reason to check this game out. But then again that's what gamefly is for... checking out games before you buy them to decide if its worth your money.

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PES 2008

posted by edlglide (ATLANTA, GA) Mar 20, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

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PES 2008 is a great game -- to an extent. EA's FIFA series has made strides over the past couple of years to catch up to the Konami game, and some people have said FIFA 2008 is finally better than PES this year.

If your main interest is online play, then I agree. PES 2008 is a mess online; the game is essentially unplayable. FIFA 2008 is a much better choice for the gamer who plans to spend most of his time online.

However, if you enjoy playing offline against the computer or your friends, then PES 2008 should be the choice. As usual, the gameplay is stellar -- players move, dribble, pass, and shoot exactly as you'd expect them to. There are a huge number of animations; you can play for hours and still see new animations every game. Everything about the game feels like real soccer; FIFA 2008 still hasn't reached this level of realistic soccer simulation.

The graphics on PES are underwhelming. It looks more like an upgraded PS2/Xbox title than a next-gen PS3/360 game. The previously mentioned animations help make up for it, but Konami should really be able to produce a game that looks better than this, especially two years into the life of these consoles.

In the end though, gameplay is what matters the most. And the gameplay is fantastic; you won't find a better soccer game. I enjoy playing the game offline in Master League mode, and the broken online play doesn't bother me as much as it will other players. Thus I give this game a 9/10 -- the gameplay is so good that it makes up for the other shortcomings.

However, as I said earlier, if you plan to spend a lot of time playing online, you should probably go with FIFA 2008. Despite still lagging behind PES in realistic gameplay, the online works wonderfully whereas PES' does not. Hopefully Konami will release a patch to fix the broken online play, but until then PES is strictly an offline experience.

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Give it a try? or Pass

posted by Otttoman (BROOKLYN, NY) Mar 17, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

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What are the most important things when you buy a game?

I would say graphics , story , controls . Game would be good only when theese 3 elements come togather and balance .
Dear PES 2008 i could not see any "THING" that you were using "mighty" cells of PS3, plus controls are horrible . It is not the same game anymore. It is not like it used to be .... you get togather with your friends have couple beer and play it whole night until your eyes get stuck and start seeing things double ... :)
There is no available update function , for recent squads >not even radio like FIFA series ... It feels like the game was made for PS2 and developers changed it last second.

So i think this game is not going to last long ...
If i had another chance i wouldnt waste my time renting it .FIFA 08 is a much better replacment ...

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