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Prism: Light the Way


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Very Good

Fun Game!

posted by cdwark039 (LITTLE ROCK, AR) Nov 5, 2010

Member since Sep 2010

I really enjoyed this game...and it was the type of puzzle game I was looking for.

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GF Rating


Awesome Puzzle Game

posted by dmsnyder4 (SILVER SPRING, MD) Jul 19, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

I'm not sure why this game gets such poor ratings. Perhaps it is the fact that I'm 2 to 3 times older than most of the people who post reviews on this site.

As I've come to discover, almost all the European DS games seem to be stronger than their European counter parts. This is no exception. The puzzle concept is basic, you have a beam of light which you must split, alter, and bounce around in such a way to get light to all of the different creatures. It sounds simple, but solving the 100 puzzles that come with the game, took me a few weeks of head scratching. But the puzzles are hard enough, that if you put the game away for a few months, its like playing the game anew.

If you need a break from the puzzles, there are time trials, as well as an incredibly impressive puzzle generator. I found this the most intriquing part of the game. They some how develped an algorithm that generated original puzzles, in other words you could play the game for ever if you wanted to.

The graphics are well done, and visually interesting enough to keep your interest but not distract.

If you are looking for a puzzle game, I'd highly recommend checking this game out.

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GF Rating


Great puzzler for anyone

posted by ColShaggy (KAYSVILLE, UT) Dec 29, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

I picked this one up on sale and was hooked within minutes.
The single player puzzles are the source of the most fun to be had, and the only major problem I have with this title. The puzzle mode offers a lot of levels that slowly build to more and more complex combinations, and eventually removes the hint option. The timed puzzles give a new challenge to solve each level quickly. Then there's the, untimed, infinite mode. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to save so you wind up redoing the same puzzles again and again. However, these three modes provide enough content to keep you busy for month at least.

Two modes are provided Competitive and Cooperative. Competitive is timed and pretty much self explanatory. Cooperative is particularly interesting because the map is split so that one player controls one half of the map and a partner controls the pieces on the other, though both players can see the entire map laid out on both of their own screens.

All in all these is an epic game that is so big and fulfilling a simple rental can't quite do it justice, but you will get a wonderful ride while you've got it.

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