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In the End, I Did it for Love!

posted by Billy1234744 (SAMSON, AL) Feb 19, 2014

Member since Feb 2012

This game ended up getting a little lower rating by me, when all was said and done, because the sword battles in this were to me plain and simply terrible. Now granted there were some tricks that helped on some, but most were just long drawn out, repetitive agony. But the rest of the game was superb and fun to play and figure out were to go and what to do next. loved the climbing, jumping and the way they intertwined romance and action, the Princess was both sweet and innocent, yet determined and tough. I finished this game as much to see how it ended as I did for the climbing and jumping. The end is what he wanted not her, all in all it was well worth renting and I would recommend it to all. Love Ya Game-Fly and I hope the digital Download age is a long way off from making you obsolete, See-Ya! Billy in Samson

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OK start, but it gets much much better

posted by fleagle7 (BOLINGBROOK, IL) Oct 2, 2012

Member since Oct 2009

The Prince Of Persia series is one of my favorites out there, I've played all of them and this is definitely one of my favorites. It is, however, much different than the rest. Prince Of Persia focuses almost exclusively on acrobatics and storytelling. The story may seem a little ridiculous but it serves for an interesting premise that surprisingly, doesn't get old. When i first started the game, I thought, "Oh no, this isn't gonna be good." I had already played through the game when it first came out and i loved it. Upon first starting the game, I wondered if all the user reviews were right and it was bad, but I found that you just need to play it for a while. Throughout playing it, The Prince and his female cohort, Elika, develop a relationship that really makes the game worthwhile. Sure the gameplay is good, nothing fantastic but the acrobatics are fun and the combat can be satisfying. But it's the character interactions that make this game great. I think that this is a must rent just because of how much you start to care about the characters. This game really made me feel and the ending hit me hard.

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Don't waste your time

posted by cablenajun (ALVIN, TX) Jul 15, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

A legend...a sandstorm... and a master thief who is in no way associated with Persia in any form or fashion. This is the basis for the story that attempts to clumsily guide you through a poorly put together battle system and stagnant playstyle that is this offshoot of the popular, acrobaticly inclined video games series that is the Prince of Persia. Ubisoft....what have you done?

Lets start with storyline; you begin as the "Prince" wandering through a freak sandstorm which has apparently teleported you to another dimension in which you encounter a magical princess who is running from her father. Not wanting to sound confused, you decide to help said magical princess in the hopes that eventually everything will make sense and you can mosey on back to your own world.

So, the princess is running from her father to a place that is sealing away a demon. Her father follows her to the same and tries to stop her from releasing the seal, (which she isn't trying to do anyway) and "accidentally" breaks the seal himself. You then spend the rest of the game running, jumping, and climbing your way through cookie cutter levels to restore balance to the world and seal back the demon.

Why? It isn't your world. You don't even know the princess, or why any of this is happening. Why can't I just go back to PERSIA and be the PRINCE of PERSIA and be rich and famous like my three great predecessors? None of these questions are asked in game. You, as the so called "Prince" agree to follow the magical princess and help her restore balance to a world that you don't even recognize, no questions asked. You just...go.

I hesitated to even grade this game at all, because the more I played, the less I felt that it was a video game, and more of an interactive movie with some incredibly lame fight scenes.

Here is my breakdown:
Story: F-
Graphics: C
Gameplay: D
Voice Acting: B+
Music: C+
Sound Effects: D+

Don't waste your time with this one, and certainly not your money.

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