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You can't die.... so what?

posted by kampret (SAN LEANDRO, CA) Dec 11, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

10 out of 17 gamers (59%) found this review helpful

Many people will complain that this game is very easy to beat, and you can't die...

I agree that you can't die in this game, but the game is not easy... it just feels easy..

As one reviewer pointed out before, if you suck at fighting, you won't advance.. there are times where just tapping buttons won't kill the enemy... (health bar won't drop at all) you need certain strategies to kill the boss..

When you jumped off cliff, you will get saved... but you will be put on the area the last time you're on the ground.. which could be a long way after you do those acrobatic moves.. it just eliminates annoying loading times you usually find in certain games like this.. now explain to me why that's a bad thing?

I hate loading times.. I really do.. in this game, you start the game.. and virtually won't find any loading times.. the only times you will see loading screens are when you teleport, which is not very often..

conversations are fun and make you chuckles at time.. the guessing game is hilarious, and you can elect not to trigger it if you don't want..

puzzles are exciting... there are even times I had to create some equations on a piece of paper in order to solve one of the puzzles.. I haven't had such fun with math since.. well.. forever... :p

I'm not a hardcore gamer.. and I got frustrated with games such as call of duty or mirror's edge (very frustrating as I died a lot).. so this is a perfect game for me... others might disagree.. I just dont agree that 'not dying' is boring...

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Very Pretty and pretty boring

posted by Jaruski (PALM SPRINGS, CA) Apr 6, 2009

Member since Feb 2008

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

Yes, it was a great use of cell shading, a very stylized approach on a venerable brand. Kudos. But when the game play mechanics detract from any real enjoyment, you've no other recourse but to throw down your controller, and put this stinker back into its envelope.

I was enthused and amused on the first and second "worlds", but quickly realized that I was doing the same thing over and over and over and over agaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiin. Being rescued every time I fell was novel at first and then quickly grew to extremely aggravating. You and I both know that there's more than enough space on the disc to have some variety in their "snappy" dialog. "Aak! You're heavier than you look!" ANNOYING THE FIRST TIME, but the hundreth, millionth, gazillionth time? Oh, you best believe their dialog grows annoying fast. And the bosses? LAME! Home-girl Elika is especially annoying during the fights. And whoever programmed the camera so that you can't see behind you while you're clinging to a ledge or vine needs to stop programming cameras and move on to a less annoying line of work, like stabbing me with a butter knife or becoming the new head of the RNC.

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posted by Gigalow (WHITTIER, CA) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Apr 2003

3 out of 5 gamers (60%) found this review helpful

OK, first off,i'm not much into writing reviews so forgive me if i miss any common gaming terms..Also forgive the poor spelling i suck at it cause i spend 8 hours of my work day doing contracts so i refuse to go back and do it at home,with that said...

This game is great,I haven't played a game like this in so long it's quite refreshing.

GRAPHICS... AWESOME,the comic book cartoon look fit very well. The detail looked very good any point of view close or far didn't matter.I admit to acouple glitches where you could see through the walls and such but, it wasn't worth crying about.
SOUND... AWESOME as well,the sound fit well for battles and story. On the con side(maybe it's just my audio)but rarely the music silenced some of the chatter from the story.Either way i turned the other cheek.
Story...GREAT. I could have had a deeper story line,but having a wife who enjoys watching me play it was perfect(i didn't have to keep her clued into anything :)

This is a game i would recommend to anyone, If your a awesome gamer or hardcore i would just rent it,but if your a casual gamer it's a must buy. I knocked off 1 point in rating just to be fair because of the glitches and sound issues but besides that HAVE A BLAST

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