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Prince of Repetition (Ubi Soft's table scraps)

posted by duff916 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Dec 7, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

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This game should be called "Prince of Repetition" because once you first have to use your map to make your way through the game it never seems to change at all. And by that I mean, all the levels have the same basic lay-out. And there are not that many enemies to fight. Plus they are easy to kill so you might as well get out a turbo controller and just hold down the "Square" button to mash through them. Why they put a combo system in this game is beyand me.

Another thing I didn't like about this game was that fact that you can never die. So with that you never get a scence of "I better make this jump" or "Oh NO! He is about to kill me!" because your female companion will ALWAYS save you.

Graphics are a nice change but kinda get old after a while scence all the levels look just about the same.

The control is probably the best part about this game. It is so easy to wall-run, jump, fight or just about anythng the Prince does in this game. But at the same time it seems a little to easy and offers no real challenge while controling the Prince.

All-in-all this is a good weekend rental but thats it.

I gave it a 4 out 10 (weak).

Looking forward to the next Price of Persia!!!

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Please tell me this game was a joke..

posted by BloodLust5 (HAVERHILL, MA) Dec 11, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

17 out of 26 gamers (65%) found this review helpful

I am appalled at the high ratings I have seen people give this game- I hesitated even to give it the 5 I did. The number of complaints I have with this game FAR OUTWEIGH any enjoyment I felt in playing it.

First, the battle system. Can we talk about a complete turn for the worst since the other games-every single battle is COMPLETELY the same. Nothing changes throughout the ENTIRE GAME. You always fight 1 person at a time and from start to finish you have the exact same set of combos that become increasingly dull and boring. Every battle is literally: wait, block, strike strike strike. Over and over and over again. Oh and btw, it is impossible to die- at first it seemed somewhat nice but after a while it was like, is this game serious? The battles in the other game were far more entertaining- you jumped around, integrated attacks from enemy to enemy, utilized the environment more effectively, manipulated time, and all sorts of other cool things. What happened here!?

My second main complaint- light seeds. Are you kidding me? Not only do you have to complete the entire "level" once, but you then have to go back and run through the entire level again collecting "light seeds"- this task becomes so tedious and mundane that cutting myself seemed like a better time. Not to mention that every single level is basically the same to begin with. Run along wall, grab ring, jump...
The story line is horrible. They provide frustratingly little information on both the protagonist's and elika's history- what happened to all of her people!?

Basically, you will have no fun running through 24 levels of basically the exact same obstacles, with the exact same boring unchanging battles, only to laboriously collect every idiotic light seed. The dialogue is also completely sub-par.

Also, you run frustratingly slow, and the height cap for the prince's falls are sometimes ridiculously and aggravatingly low.

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Inches Away

posted by stphnvlkmn (MURPHY, NC) Dec 7, 2008

Member since Feb 2008

8 out of 13 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

I have been an avid fan of the Prince of Persia Franchise for years now, and this game made me love it even more.
First of all, let me address the main complaint. People are annoyed with the fact that you can't technically die in this game. I personally found it to be convenient. A big thing that can make platformers annoying is having to repeat a large section over and over until you get the difficult part right. Ubisoft did a good job solving that annoyance by only making you repeat a small part. That also makes it more believable, in a sense. Just as in Bioshock, the main character doesn't actually die, and seeing how people in real life don't get multiple lives, it fits. It also allows for a stronger bond between the prince and Elika; you can see their care for each other, especially if Elika has to save you when you mess up in combat.

The platforming in this game is just top notch. Although they did make it a little to easy. I'm just saying for all that he does, you'd think you would have to press more buttons to do it. The combat is fun, but it is rather easy once you get the hang of things. And back to the dying thing: If you suck at combat in this game, you will not beat it. Making a mistake that would cause you to die in most games, gives life to your opponent.

The story in this game is good, but it's really the interaction between Prince and Elika that got me hooked in. They can do a good job of keeping the mood light. My only complaint with it is that Ubisoft has got to stop making bad endings to their games (reference to Assassin's Creed); I know they do it to show that there will be a sequel, but they could definitely do better.
I want to give it a ten, but I can't; but it is inches away. There was a sequence in the last boss that was unique, but a step in the wrong direction. There was also the ending, and a few quirks here and there. 9.8/10

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