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Above Average


posted by APCTECH (PALM CITY, FL) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

Although i did not beat this game the first time i played it infact i gave up on the second boss hunt, but thats because i wasnt patiant enough to keep going... But this game was well written, the graphics were really good, the voice actors fit the characters, and story made more sense then any of the other games where they just droped you into the middle of a siege, an assassination (the original game for the PC), bringing you into a tomb raiderish begining, this one made alot more sense! this i can gather the prince lost his donkey, then meets his partner, then he has to save the world, it makes more sense then the last few as i keep saying, and plus it looks better and like the outfit they gave him looks alot better then the other ones (sorry if im irritating any one with not using the princes name...i forgot it) but, every one if your looking for a good game and a good time while playing get this, its one of those games that when you play it once youll be stuck on it its got parkour, sword fights, magic, and plenty of other little things that just keep adding to the story and make it just more entertaining, the one thing you will allways remember is the quote "run, jump, die, repeat; run, jump, die, repeat." this is said by the prince, i forgot how to get him to say it but when you get him to you will just be laughing untill you find out that the quote is speaking the truth then you still will cus its just to good to forget and as you play it will justmake you want to hear him do it again, but over all its a good game that i would gladly recomend to people if they aske for an opinion i would say this if your a fan of the series is worth buyinh, but if you like this game just as for the achievments/trophies then gamefly is a good way for them and its a good way just to get a new type of gameing expeirence.

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GF Rating

Really Bad


posted by tswinkler27 (BIRMINGHAM, AL) Nov 28, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

You guys have got to be kidding me. I played this game last year and honestly only bought it because it was like $15 at GameStop. I cannot say that I am loyal to the franchise because I gave up after the 2nd installment that had all the hard heavy metal music, which completely ruined the experience for me and I never played another POP game again. Sands of Time is one of my all time favorite games and this game was like something Sands of Times threw up after a bad meal. The story is pointless and really does not develop throughout the game which makes playing the game itself "pointless." There is like only 3 enemy types and it is always a 1 on 1 fight and redefines repetitive gameplay. I cannot believe this game is receiving high ratings. The only positive is how nice the game looks and that is it. THIS GAME IS HORRIBLE!!

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beautifull but sleep inducing.

posted by bobthe23rd (STATE COLLEGE, PA) Aug 29, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

First off this game is beautifull to look at. The graphics are genuinely art and pretty to look at. The main problem with the game for me is that it's too easy and repeatative. Combat in the game which is the weakest point of the game, once you figure out how to fight most of the combat in the game feels like a distraction or a roadblock, something that keeps you from exploring and platforming. The platforming is definatly fun at first. The thing is you can't die in the game which shouldn't make the game less fun. But for me that takes the tension away from the game. Basicaly in my opinion this isn't a game as much as a tour of a very lovely video landscape that is too repeatative to finish. Check it out just don't expect excitement.

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