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Very Good

undergoing mitosis...

posted by foolmanchu (BRISTOL, WI) Dec 12, 2008

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get it!? cuz of the...uh...CELL.. okay. it was a lame joke. moving on.

the prince of persia brings one of the most classic game franchises to the 360...FINALY.lets hit up the pros and cons of this new instalment.
1. the graphics.yeah,its the first thing u'll notice.these graphics are beautiful.i personaly luv the new art direction.the whole game looks like it was taken straight from a concept artists sketch book and majicaly made playable on screen.
2. the story.its not GREAT,but i like it.once again the entire landscape has been thrown into bleak chaos by some dark majic god type deal,and its up to u as the prince to restore the "fertile plain".u r acompanied by the princess of the land who has the useful ability to use majic.this adds a fresh new feel to the game,letting u use her power to jump further and fight better.the voice acting is also pretty good,and the comical lines the two dish out make some darker moments a little more lighthearted.
3. COMBAT.okay,again,as in my Assasins Creed review,i have to SIIING the praises of UBISOFT MONTREAL!these guys KNOW how to make a game! okay!? the combat system in this feels sluggish AT FIRST,but once u and the princess r able to team up...its AWESOME.the entire fight system is based one on one (boooHOOO.i wont get to fight timesand zombies 20 at a time...just...just read on) and still feels great. its cinematic and the combos u can pull are awesome,and best of all,u have to strategize(not alot)to win,no BUTTON MASHING.
4. landscape. its ALL connected. no loading screens,no door portals,no nonsense.

1. one of the reviewers called the game repetative and shallow.CHEESUS CRUST! R U SERIOUS!? every POP game is REPETATIVE.RUN,JUMP,WALL RUN,PILLAR CLIMB, SWORDPLAY...need i go on? every game is repetative to a point,but we still play them cuz theyr FUN!

so just rent this game.not much replayability, but its fun. an 8 1/2 out 10.

this review brought to u by pucheo films on uTUBE.

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A great chance that ultimately falls flat

posted by Node202 (CHICAGO, IL) Dec 15, 2008

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Lets get straight to business and skip brushing up on the series history.

PoP is a new spin on an old theme and genre which attempts to breathe fresh air into the long beloved (by some) PoP series. The game features a new prince who has a on screen companion this time around and last for the entire games duration.

Lets talk about the good first. The new prince, the new art style and SOME of "tag team" elements found in the new companion are great. Well, the art style and world POTENTIAL is great. The new prince...artistically is great but retains some of his smart mouthy nature (not a real problem, dialogue is not unbearable).

It is also worth mentioning that the music is quite good. The cliched a bit and really could be on par with a Disney story not unlike Aladin or some such.

However, then there is the bad. The games biggest problem is its difficulty. To put it short, it is simply far TOO easy. Its not just the often spoke of fact that you cannot truly die(fall off a cliff and get pulled up instantly, fall in battle and get a instant res).

Its the fact that the actual platforming, the very backbone of the game, running, jumping, climbing etc, is all automated. Every jump, every wall run, every grab, is scripted. What this means is the actual control you have over the prince and his actions is cleverly limited. Its hard to explain, but for those who enjoy platforming, making your own way to find things etc. It will not happen in this game. Every single thing you would need to use platforming for has a predefined route to it, complete with predefined running areas-

(take hand of controller while wall running, tap A, tap A,tap A. he just did some intricate stuff and you had little to do with it)
Couple this with the fact the actual game pacing is nothing more than a slight twist on the okami system (Find evil stuff, clean land, collect stuff, repeat) does not help.

The game to me lacks any real enjoyment when the core aspect of it is automated

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Very Good

Prince of persia Great

posted by Dustin2k6 (BISMARCK, ND) Dec 4, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

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First of all ignore the 1st review its in all Caps and the guy is obviously a fan boy

Now onto the game
First of all its quite different from the other pop games. It is a new prince game after all but i Wanna keep this short and sweet .the game is beautiful fun and full of some great combat. if you are a fan just rent this one and see for yourself also theres coop attacks that are pretty cool

8.5 out of 10

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