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Prince of Persia


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Also on:PS3, DS
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GF Rating

Very Good

Fun. worth the rent, I bought it.

posted by Aurkayne (MECHANIC FALLS, ME) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

The acrobatics are fun, the graphics are great. The dialogue between the prince and princess is hilarious. The game is easy to pick up and although some of the enemy fights can get a little frustrating, the block system is solid and you can even counter-attack if timed right. I pre-ordered the limited edition. Yu get to choose a couple of skins for each character and more are unlockable. Worth the gamefly price, for sure!

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GF Rating


Been wainting for this game since Sands of Time!

posted by diznella (LANCASTER, PA) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

This is a platformer that any Xbox 360 owner needs to try. Yes, the difficulty may seem low because you can't actually die, but it removes all the frustrations of the Sands or Time series. It's still a bit of a button-masher with Street Fighter-esque combos, but you can be creative with your combat in that sense. If you're not sure of the combos, look under the menu, as the list is right there. There are also secret hidden combos to unlock for achievements.

Story: 8/10 The story is OK. Nothing fancy, but you don't need to listen to the Prince and Elika talking if you don't want to (aside from a few in-engine cut-scenes). Otherwise, don't pull the left trigger to engage in conversation.

Graphics/Art Style; 10/10 As a graphic designer/illustrator, I find this game to be gorgeous. Not since Okami, have I been so wowed by the visual presentation. It just adds to the storybook feel of the game,

Sound: 9/10 The music is fantastic and it just draws you into the game—especially when you heal a fertile ground and hear the distinct difference in tones. Voice acting is good, but the writing is pretty lame. At times funny, but mostly annoying.

Controls: 9/10 At times the Prince doesn't do what you ask him to do, but for the most part you feel like the world's finest acrobat—especially when you unlock the plates.

Overall: 10/10 I know my average doesn't add up to the score I'm giving it, but that's just because I love this game so much. It could use some more puzzles and maybe a set of difficulty settings, but I just can't seem to put it down. I admit I'm a nut for this genre, but when you own an Xbox, anything to relieve the overabundance of shooters is a welcomed addition to 360 library. I wouldn't hesitate to put this game in my top 10 games, but wouldn't put it up for game of the year. Rent it and see for yourself.

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