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A game fit for a... well, a prince!

posted by MidXIII (SPRINGFIELD, PA) Dec 6, 2008

Member since Dec 2007

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I have to say after seeing the games direction at E3 I was a little worried.
Using an artistic style instead of whats been normal for the past 3 prince of persia games, had me unsure. Adding a 2nd character had me downright frightened.
I'm VERY pleased to say this game has laid all those fears to rest.
The cell shaded characters, the background music, the story, even the voice acting all top notch!
This is a game worthy of some praise! For a company to take a very drastic departure from what has been familiar for players is always a slippery slope, but Ubisoft has done it and the game has come out with a fresh new look, but yet a similar feel.
I will say the play controls take a small amount of getting used to if you have played previous Prince of Persia games. But nothing that a few minutes of playing wont solve.
The second character I'm happy to report is really not AI controlled, its more of an extension of yourself, assisting you in jumping further and pulling off a few nice combos during the fight sequences.
The game also carries the same trial and error exploration of all the series, but in the past you needed to manually save your life and reverse time. This one is more like time reversal on automatic, so if you make a wrong move you're magically saved instead of sent to your death. Although that does take a little challenge out of the game it does promote more fun vs. frustration and allows things to flow nicely.

Bottom line:
Stylish graphics, fun gameplay, solid controls, good voice acting, and nice movie quality story.
The only downside is without death penalties the game is somewhat easy. But for some that may not be such a negative. In all thats what makes this an excellent rental.

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posted by SPenguin (WOODINVILLE, WA) Nov 17, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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I am finding this game to be very hard to play through. I normally enjoy games where you have puzzles and platforming but when the entire game is the same thing over and over, with barely any real story, it gets very old. And that is my issue with this game.

You don't really fight that much, at least from what I have seen so far (about halfway through) and even when you do fight, there are no consequences for doing poorly because you can't all. I don't mind that type of system for some things since it allows you to have fun jumping around and trying to get the orbs floating everywhere, but it goes a bit far. Fighting isn't hard either, just mash a couple buttons.

Graphics are okay. I like when games use stylized graphics like Borderlands or other cell type shaded effects, but this game, in my opinion, doesn't use it in the best way. The graphics feel bland and boring. The stylized graphics also seem to lower the detail on quite a bit of objects.

The controls for the game are easy and not really much to go into. There were times that I would jump off into a void on accident because of the camera or controls. Make sure to time certain things correctly. Sometimes an action needs to finish its motion before you start another action. Sometimes it feels like you need to go a bit slow with button presses and other times faster.

Overall this game is not worth buying and I'm not even sure I would suggest renting it. If you like overly repetitive game play and a boring story then try it out. But definitely try it before even thinking of buying it. I like to finish games I rent/buy but I don't think I can stomach this one.

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Visually stunning but repetitive and shallow.

posted by nightmare6 (GAITHERSBURG, MD) Dec 9, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

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Visually stunning but depressingly and disappointingly shallow and incredibly repetitive.

One sentence to describe Prince of Persia.

Before anything, I have play all of the previous 3 Prince games and the original (and not on XBLA). I have to say, the game IS fun, but is VERY repetitive, I can stress this enough. Be prepared to do the same thing for 10 hours, and I don't mean the same thing as a shooter example of shoot, crouch, shoot again and move forward repetitive, I mean, press A to jump, then B to grab, the Y to use the special jumps and thats it for 95% of your gaming time, and all you need is the correct button press and he does it automatically.

The fighting system is decent (and I'm being generous). It just not consistent at all,and sometimes down right frustrating cause one fight everything works and the next you do the 100% same thing and it fails like the game was bugged. Ultimately rewarding, but sometimes I wish the just eliminated the fighting and that would make even the repetitive jumping even more obvious.

Now for Elika... For does who don't know, every time you fall, you got this companion that saves you no matter what, even if she is supposedly unconscious, she wakes up out of nowhere, saves you and then goes back to unconscious. This mean you can never die. But in my book, I have died about 500 times in this game already. Trust me, once you see her saving you 5 times in 1 minute, you NOTICE you did die, this is just a nice checkpoint system, but you do "die", just not in the Game Over kinda way. Also, the story is none existent, you might as well have made it have a timer in case you wanted to do speed runs and make it more arcade like.

The game is 100% rental material, just not a buy. The game is about 2 hours long too, so its not short. Since this is a Gamefly review, I say:
Rent it for sure, but this ain't no must buy and reviewers are to generous with this cause of its name and brand.

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