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Made me miss the Sands of Time

posted by Kashabo (MIDLAND, MI) Oct 12, 2006

Member since Aug 2006

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To be sure, there are very good things about this game. I love the action interspersed with acrobatic exploration. The controls handle well and are fairly easy to get used to. The camera has a tendency to not cooperate, but this happens rarely. Typically it's over-cooperative, shifting to show you where your next step is.

At several points in the game, you are chased by the Dahaka, a huge dark being that is seemingly obsessed with chasing you down and ending you. I found myself both loving and hating these moments. The Dahaka will jump you and send you running on a path where you have to make split decisions, running and jumping and swinging away as fast as your mind can process the oncoming pitfalls and hurdles. While I dreaded these chases, I also found that they really drew me in to the game, making me think twice about taking that next step, getting my adrenaline going when I did. When a game can elicit that kind of emotion, they've done something right.

As good as this game is, I found myself missing the first game's innocent folk-tale feel. From the first time you turn on Warrior Within, you are hit in the face with the stylistic changes that are obviously geared toward that one demographic. You know the guys I'm talking about. The kind of people that appreciate the Godsmack music, the cold steely atmosphere, enemies that are bloodily decapitated and cut in half as opposed to turning into sand, women in impossible steel thongs, and a much angrier and more aggressive Prince (he growls with every third slash of his sword and swears at said woman in impossible steel thong).

I also wish they would've explained how the Prince can control time without the dagger of time. I believe it has something to do with that amulet lodged in his breastplate, but I don't recall the story behind that thing.

Overall, I enjoyed the game, but not as much as its predecessor. Definitely worth a rent. Probably not a buy.

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Just couldn't get into it......

posted by stdlygy53 (HUTCHINSON, KS) Dec 5, 2010

Member since Jun 2008

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Man, coming off the first game, just really could not get into this one. I liked the theme of the story and where it was going but the gameplay, it just loses a person. There were parts I got to getting into it and then it just fell off. The biggest part was the two weapon theme, get a second weapon and then it loses it's strength after like 2 maybe 3 good hits???

Not a game to be played right after the 1st one, but maybe it's just me. I really enjoyed the first game. I have to say the 'BEST' thing about the game was the music. But who knows, maybe I will have to give it a second shot.

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Really Bad

This isn't the game it should have been...

posted by BrokenCage (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Apr 5, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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The platforming aspect of this game is fun. You can climb and wall run with fluidity. Everything else is a contrived mess of a game that should've never been.

Combat is overly drawn out and unnecessary, with enemies requiring three to four combos, which they often block, to kill. You can use the throw mechanic to toss enemies over a ledge, but then you miss out on a chance to refill one of your sand tanks. It would be nice to simply run by enemy creatures without engaging them, but the Prince's "auto-target" can't be toggled, and running towards a ledge with an enemy nearby will see him quickly turn towards the enemy no matter what direction you're pushing the Left Analog Stick.

The puzzles are often frustrating, not due to challenge, but because they rely on camera limitations to create difficulty. Often you simply won't be able to see the ledge or switch you need to progress further. This is because a tree is in front of the camera, or the camera positions itself where you need to go, literally hiding the ledge or switch behind the camera. Also, the new bleak "gothic" colors cause ledges, ropes, and even traps to blend into the walls moreso than in Sands of Time.

The music only furthers the frustration, as it will play the same looped high-school-garage-band-nu-metal over and over until every enemy in the area is dead. If there's a single enemy five stories worth of platforming up, the music will continue looping until you've platformed those five stories and killed him. He might not know you're there, but the music knows he's there. Just imagine trying to solve a frustrating puzzle with your neighbor's garage band playing the same sloppy power chords over and over again, that's the musical experience of Warrior Within. Some of you might say, "go to the options and turn the music volume to zero," but doing that also mutes the Prince's in game voice overs, which infuriates me further as there's a seperate "Voice Volume" option.

I don't recommend it.

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